Modern Tudor Home Tour with Renovation Before & Afters

This home tour is filled with shocking before-and-afters, stunning character, and even a CHAPEL. We are thrilled to share this Modern Tudor home tour with you!

When Ken and Karen Bates discovered this home during their house-hunting journey, it had excellent bones. However, the ornate details and outdated color palette detracted from its full potential. Once their designer Lauren Tanner and her husband Carrolton got their hands on this home it was fully transformed telling the story of the Bates family.

Please note that all furniture and decor showcased in this home tour are available through the builder/designer. For your shopping convenience, I have curated similar options that you can consider.


The heavy stone on the exterior before imparted a Tuscan feel to the home. However, the design team made the bold decision to paint the stone in Duck White by Sherwin Williams, resulting in a fresh and modern Tudor transformation. Yes, just like brick, stone can be painted! Ken shared that he was a little nervous about all the white at first but as it’s aged it’s softened and looked even better. The glass arch door and grand lanterns draw you in to want to come and see this beautiful home.



Mom and I have done many home tours but this is the first tour with a chapel! When I asked Karen and Ken why they called it a chapel they said “well it just looked like a chapel.” And when you look at the before photos and even now you will most likely agree. This serene space serves as a place for heartfelt conversations, prayer, and pure enjoyment for the family. The soothing blue hue on the walls directs your gaze upward, highlighting the stunning beams and chandelier, further enhancing the tranquil atmosphere. I reached out to the designer to inquire about the paint color, but unfortunately, it’s a custom shade!

One fun detail of this room is the spiral stair case. If you take a look at the before photos, you’ll notice that the bottom of the stairs jutted out into the room, limiting its functionality. The contractor and Ken came up with the genius idea to simply extend the spiral stair case down and remove the landing. You would never know that the stairs had not always been that way. Talk about talent!


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When you turn to the right in the entry you see the chapel and to the left is Ken’s office. While designing this space Lauren, the talented designer, also sought to incorporate Ken’s cherished Navy memorabilia, a tribute to his past as a Navy pilot. The result is a blend of a sophisticated man cave and a thoughtfully designed workspace in the perfect paint color Hale Navy by Sherwin Williams.

Ken admits that, left to his own devices, he would have displayed these pieces much different, striving for an equilibrium in every corner. However, Lauren’s designer approach kept balance without the stuff formality that some gallery walls can have. Ken’s cherished tail hook and other mementos, lovingly carried from house to house for over 18 years, find their rightful place, creating a display of history and sentiment.



The living room in this stunning home will leave you absolutely speechless. As you step in you’re greeted by high ceilings, gorgeous beams, abundant natural light, and intricate millwork. And that cast stone fireplace! It was already there when the homeowners moved in, but it was the designer’s touch that made it go from heavy tuscan to modern elegance.

Both Ken and Karen were skeptical about painting the wood, but are so glad they did! It’s the perfect space to unwind and rest, and that was exactly what the homeowners wanted. But don’t be fooled by the sophistication—it’s still a home where you can kick back and relax without having to take off your shoes. It’s lived-in, welcoming, and elegant all at once—a tall order that has been so well designed.

There was actually another balcony above the fireplace, but the homeowners decided to close it off and only keep the balcony over the stairs which would be a perfect prom moment. They have a 17 year old daughter so keeping this Juliet balcony was a must. The new stair railing and paint on the millwork softened the look and allowed it to bring character rather than date the room.



I’m excited to share the kitchen because it has so much unique inspiration, from the shape and size to the bold pop of blue, the unique pantry door, and even a WINE CELLAR!

Let’s start with the blue ILVE range! That bold choice became the anchor for the entire color scheme including the gold accents. Ken who loves to cook shares that the range works just as great as it looks! I love the quartz backsplash fabricated in this stunning shape here.

The island, once a source of concern about its size, has now become the center of attention, with ample space for everyone to circulate comfortably. They chose a blue paint that corresponds with the blue range and this kitchen is unrecognizable from the before photos!

If you study the before you’ll have trouble finding it, but there’s a beautiful ornate door leading to the pantry. They chose to keep this door and refinish it. The once heavy Tuscan door stands out beautifully against white walls and now makes a statement in the kitchen.

Around the corner you see a door with stairs venturing down into a wine cellar with stunning stone walls. Karen joked that she calls it a tornado shelter as they aren’t wine drinkers but it is a beautiful space and fun when hosting.


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When you walk into the dining room you won’t miss the ceiling. The pre-civil war beam dividing the room adds a touch of history and creates a captivating atmosphere. The space is open but dedicated because of this thoughtful design choice.

This is the only dining space in the home since they turned the original formal dining into Ken’s office. I love that this family knows their needs and has designed spaces accordingly.



The primary bedroom in this home is an absolute dream. It serves as a retreat, a peaceful sanctuary that makes you feel like you’re on a perpetual vacation. The whole house has a calming effect, but this room takes it to another level.

One remarkable aspect is the preservation of the original windows, updated with a beautiful glaze that adds to their charm. The window treatments are carefully selected to allow for maximum natural light while maintaining privacy. The abundance of natural light throughout the house is a conscious choice, as the homeowners have always appreciated the uplifting qualities of sunlight. It’s a feature they can’t live without, and these windows make it possible to enjoy it to the fullest.



The primary bathroom is like stepping into a luxurious spa. The renovation involved reconfiguring the space, removing curved walls and opening up the area. The result is a bathroom that feels expansive and allows ample natural light to flood in. The bathtub, once tucked away, is now showcased, and the shower has been transformed into a spacious oasis. The use of reclaimed wood shelves adds a touch of warmth and character to the space.



When we came to tour Lauren told us that she was not finished putting the final touches upstairs and that I should wait to tour. I decided to go ahead and share a couple spaces on the second level because they are stunning!

The guest room is more masculine but still cozy and relaxed. They also have a game room with a pool table and dining area. It has a door going to a staircase on the front of the home. Almost like a secret entrance which I can imagine being fun if you were the daughter who lives here!


The backyard of this home is also a dream! Multiple spaces to cook, host, dine and just enjoy yourself. I can imagine how amazing it is to spend time by the pool in the summer and here in Texas our summers are extra long.

As our tour comes to an end, it’s clear that this home is not just about stunning spaces and stylish design. It’s a place where love, warmth, and hospitality abound. The Bates are an amazing family that we’re so proud to share and we can’t thank them enough for inviting them into their home.

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