Dreamy European Cottage Style Home: Designer Home Tour with Lauren Tanner

This week mom and I toured this amazing home with a European cottage flair owned by designer Lauren Tanner. Lauren is a brilliant designer from Dallas who, alongside her contractor husband, creates breathtaking projects that will leave you in awe. Their personal home is no exception, showcasing Lauren’s talent for transforming even the most functional elements into perfectly styled masterpieces. This cozy collected home will keep you inspired for years to come!

Lauren and Carlton decided to downsize, embarking on a hunt for a new home. Their sweet daughter, Tobi, who has special needs had recently underwent foot surgery, prompting the search for a more suitable space. Serendipity led them to an off-market gem—a home destined to be Tobi’s forever haven, chosen with love and foresight.


As we arrived at the Tanner’s residence, we immediately sensed it was something special. The inviting warmth of the white painted brick, perfectly complemented by the stunning stone, captivated our attention. And oh, that wood beam gracefully adorning the front door—it’s just a glimpse of the thoughtful details awaiting us as we step inside the home.


“Collected” is the perfect word to describe Lauren’s home, and this entry showcases her impeccable taste in stunning collections. From a carefully arranged platter of sea shells to a basket overflowing with magazines, it’s evident that these vignettes were curated over time. We instantly felt welcomed!


This ranch home truly embraces the concept of open living while maintaining a sense of distinctiveness in each area. The living room greets you with a mix of textures from earthy woods to woven jute and the fun pattern on the ottoman that functions as a coffee table.

The backdrop for this is what Lauren refers to is “Level 5” drywall finish. This means that the walls boast an almost texture-less surface, creating a gallery-like ambiance. While her husband might playfully deem them “Level 4,” but as the professional who installed them he has a bit more of a critical eye. It’s remarkable how such a seemingly minor aspect like drywall texture can make a significant impact. As soon as we walked through the door, we couldn’t help but notice how this meticulous attention to detail elevates the entire space.


The moment I stumbled upon Lauren’s Instagram, this space instantly caught my eye and halted my scrolling. A round table takes center stage, nestled between two sets of built-in cabinets adorned with charming arch accents. These dreamy built-ins aren’t just visually stunning on the outside; Lauren’s meticulous styling extends to the inside as well. Curiosity got the better of me, and I couldn’t resist opening each one, only to be pleasantly surprised by the beauty within every single cabinet.

According to Lauren, the inspiration for this home began with this captivating light fixture. Given the 8ft ceilings, she faced a challenge due to the chandelier’s height, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! She resourcefully had the fixture reworked, resulting in a stunning solution that showcases her determination and creativity.

Another feature in this dining room that I absolutely love is the curved upholstered bench. This piece is custom and has a slipcover. It adds the perfect amount of warmth to the dining. We don’t see curved benches often but we’re looking to add one in our own homes now because we love it so much!


Now to the kitchen! I have so many things I love about this room. Let’s start with the vent hood. At first glance, it appears to be made of plaster, but in fact, it’s crafted from drywall, seamlessly blending in with the smooth texture of the surrounding walls. This design approach embraces a sense of simplicity, forgoing a traditional backsplash and instead framing the space with windows on each side. This white space draws your eyes to the wooden shelves that are perfectly styled with both pretty and functional pieces.


The primary bedroom is the perfect retreat after a long day of designing and renovating beautiful homes. The windows flood the light in creating a bright and airy cottage oasis.

During our visit, Lauren shared an exciting plan for her husband’s closet, cleverly concealed behind a “secret door” in the room. This multifunctional space will serve as a closet, prayer room, and an all-around extraordinary man cave. She said we can come back and take a look when they’re done.

The bathroom is equally captivating, exuding its own unique beauty. One standout feature that caught my attention is the artful use of a wood stump fashioned into a perfect side table next to the tub. This thoughtful addition creates an ideal spot to rest your favorite beverage while indulging in a soothing bath. It’s those small, carefully considered details that elevate the overall experience and infuse the space with a touch of rustic charm.

Back Porch

As I stepped out through the back door, Lauren humbly mentioned that the space wasn’t yet completed. However, I couldn’t resist the urge to capture because it’s STUNNING. The back porch offers a delightful choice between lounging by the cozy fireplace or indulging in a meal at the exquisite vintage looking dining table. I love the vines on the wall that are being trained to go in diamond pattern. I can’t wait to see what finished looks like to Lauren because to me this is a DREAM.

Thank you Lauren for graciously welcoming us into your stunning home. We know our readers will be inspired and have so many new ideas for their own homes from your tour. It’s a privilege to share!

I encourage you to experience the full video tour to truly immerse yourself in this thoughtfully designed home she has created.

Also, If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Lauren has curated amazing furniture pieces in a monthly designer warehouse sale. You’ll find designer pieces at an affordable price. The first one is Saturday June 3 from 9am – 2pm. You can find all the details at the @eLCcuratedhome Instagram.

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