How to Use AI for Interior Design

Today, I’m sharing how to use Artificial Intelligence to find your perfect home inspiration.

I know AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a touchy subject. Actually, when I posted on Facebook about the AI inspiration I created, I received a lot of pushback. BUT when I posted this same inspiration on Pinterest, it went viral, and many people have now used it for their homes.

If you have conflicting feelings about AI, this post is still worth a read to see where it could be helpful for you or maybe why you’d want to avoid it.


If you don’t know, AI stands for artificial intelligence. This innovation gives computers the ability to think and learn, kind of like how people do. Programs using AI are able to do tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as recognizing patterns, solving problems, and making decisions.


We love the inspo from these images so we rounded up some similar items that we think would work great in a space like this!

Basically, it’s making computers smart enough to do things on their own without needing constant instructions from humans. If you’re like mom then you’re imagining a robot coming after you! 😉

We’ve seen a rise in software integrating AI that will write articles, emails, create graphics, and a million other small day to day tasks.


For design I use MidJourney. Basically you describe something in regular words, and Midjourney uses AI to turn it into an image.

I’ve learned, writing prompts for MidJourney is a skill that can be developed to create the best inspiration for you. In this post, I’ll share how to trouble shoot creating the perfect prompts for MidJourney.


The honest truth is I didn’t really have a desire to use AI when it came to home design, but when I was working on a project I had trouble finding an image of what I had in my head.

I heard of an artists using MidJourney to create graphics and I wondered if I could use it to describe all the elements I was imagining in the room together. For the cabin kitchen we wanted the walls to be the original logs with wood stained cabinets, a copper vent hood, gold hardware and black granite counters with a soapstone look…I mean that was a little specific 😂


The last few pics had some neat ideas for kitchen lighting and barstools. Here are a few ideas with a similar look!

I typed these elements into the prompt I submitted to MidJourney and was immediately hooked. I had scrolled for hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration like this and couldn’t find it. I used these images to see if my client liked the overall vibe before having a rendering done of the kitchen. She loved them and was so excited for the project!

What does AI NOT do?

MidJourney can pump out room inspiration but it does NOT create images based on your space in real life. You cannot upload an image of your room and have MidJourney modify it.

There are many programs that claim to redesign your space using AI but every time I’ve tried one it was a waste of time. The results were strange and not realistic to what could be done to the space.

I use AI and MidJourney for INSPIRATION only. If I want to see a mix of styles or elements in a room, MidJourney has given me really great images that sparked my creativity to apply to design projects just like an image found on Pinterest would.

If I want an image of a specific room I’m designing created then I hire a rendering artist!

Will AI Replace Interior Designers?

NO! AI doesn’t have the ability to add coziness. It can’t source antiques. It can’t learn a family’s story to make sure it’s reflected in their home. It can’t come over and see which paint swatch will look best in your room. The list goes on and on.


We found a few items we love that have a similar look to the ones in this image!

It can give you ideas, which is so fun, and really, that’s all right now, and honestly, it’s all we need. I really don’t want a robot in my house, so that’s as far as we need to take it.

How to Use MidJourney

1. Create an Account

This is the confusing part but once you get through this you can do it!

Head to and click ‘Join the Beta’. It will take you to Discord and you’ll select ‘Accept Invite’.

2. Chose channel on Discord

Once you Accept Invite and put in your info you’ll be sent to a strange chat thread that has instructions. From there you select on the left side one of the “bot channels.” I normally select the first Newbie one.

Once you open the channel you’ll see some interesting and many times odd graphics that people are having generated. Don’t worry, although MidJourney can make some bizarre stuff it can create some stunning home inspo.


Check out these look a likes we found that we think would work great in a room like this!

3. Type Prompt

In the message box type /imagine and then click the image prompt box that will auto populate on the screen.

Here you’ll type your prompt. I get REALLY specific. On my AI Home tour I have a list of prompts that you can copy and paste. I found that the phrase ‘Use photo hyper-realism, highly detailed, and high-resolution‘ makes my images look like real spaces rather than computer generated images.

The bot will send you 4 images in ~60 seconds. You may need to scroll up in the channel to see it. The bot is spitting out many images so you’ll need to keep your eye out for yours.

4. Refine your images

Once it gives you the results you’ll be able to refine the images or get more variations on these images.

Click numbered buttons underneath to get upscales (U) or variations (V). The numbers give position (1 for top left, 4 for bottom right)

I’m excited to hear your thoughts on AI for interior design and if you’re for or against it. Leave your comments down below and I will continue to add to this post.

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