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One our biggest design dilemma questions is, “How do you create a sophisticated space on a budget?” There are so many creative ways to save money when designing a home you love. I hope the tips below inspire you to not feel “stuck” with the space you have! If you kick off a project that’s affordable I’d love for you to share in our Facebook group and share your progress. It’s community that inspires us to stay on track with our dream of creating home sweet home.


Whether it’s the walls or old old piece of furniture paint can make a world of a difference and you can’t do it yourself with little to no skill. If you’re feeling uninspired and need a refresh start here.


Renovating is expensive…When you complete a project your wallet will be ready for a break, but there’s still decor to buy to really finish it off. One of my favorite tips to bring a space to life, FOR FREE, is to cut greenery from outdoors. My mom’s fireplace looks so sophisticated and gorgeous with it’s modest accents being simply greenery (probably weeds) from her backyard.

Some of my favorite stems to clip include pittosporum, fern, and hosta. The stems on the fireplace are switched out every 3-4 weeks and look great until then.

This is also a great tip to save money in holiday decor. Cut evergreens from outdoor and create a garland that might otherwise break the bank when you could use those funds to buy thoughtful gifts.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you buy what you love, you’ll always be able to incorporate it in your design even as trends changed. This European platter over my mom’s TV has been in her house with three different drastic design changes over the past 15 years. From faux finished walls to all white everything the platter was on showcase because she bought it because she loved it. If you shop like this it makes each design shift a little cheaper because you’ve curated a collection you love over time.


I’m not really a “DIYer.” I own no power tools and many projects I see online are really out of my comfort zone, but DIYing can save you so much money. Also, with great instruction it is so possible to the most unhandy person to complete a project. Below I’ve listed some of my favorites. These resources will keep you inspired to take on projects with your budget in mind!


This gives you time to save. If you plan and save, $500 can go a long way! I would also venture to say that being on a budget allows you to create a more unique special space. I know… you think I’m saying this just to encourage you, but I mean it. Some of my most creative ideas were born out of just not having enough resources to accomplish the design I was wanting. Save, plan, get creative and that’s where the magic happens!

I hope you’re inspired to take on a space that you’ve been stuck on due to the budget excuse! Let’s create home with what we have! What are your best tips for designing on a budget? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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