Modern Organic Home Tour with Cavie Interiors in Dallas, Tx

Today, we’re touring a stunning home in Southlake that has been skillfully renovated by the remarkable team at Cavie Interiors. Regardless of your personal style, this modern organic Texas home is brimming with inspiration that’ll have you ready to make a home update.

The homeowners had recently completed a significant renovation when the infamous Texas “Snowmageddon” ice storm struck, resulting in burst pipes that led to a complete overhaul of their design.

This is when Rachel and her team at Cavie Interiors entered the scene, turning adversity into an opportunity for transformation. It’s safe to say that, in hindsight, the homeowners might just be thankful for the leaks that the ice storm brought.

From unnecessary staircases and efficient space utilization to glorious innovative arched pocket doors, Cavie Interiors has truly worked magic here!

Cozy Sitting Room & Dining Area

When you enter the home, you’re first greeted by the sitting and dining room. It’s a space that perfectly combines stylish design with a cozy feel. As Rachel from Cavie Interiors mentioned earlier, the homeowner had a great eye for furniture, and some pieces they already had were kept, becoming the foundation of the room’s look.

With some clever adjustments, the design team freshened up the existing furniture, giving it a “baby glow-up” as Rachel said. They also added a few new pieces to bring in some fresh style while keeping the room balanced between old and new. Rachel shared that her team isn’t afraid to get “scrappy,” doing whatever it takes to meet the budget without losing style!

Cavie Interiors’ philosophy is pretty simple – a home is meant to be lived in, rather than feeling like a museum. It’s where the family gathers, relaxes, and makes memories. This sitting and dining room is a great example of that idea. It’s not about looking fancy or stiff; it’s about being comfy and authentic, where everything makes you feel at home. It’s a reminder that good design should make your life better, not more complicated.


We love these sitting and dining chairs so we rounded up a couple look a likes that we LOVE!

We love the dining room chandelier too! Here are a couple look a likes!

Traditional Meets Modern Living Room

Now, let’s step into the living room, where the team at Cavie Interiors has perfectly blended modern and traditional elements. I asked Rachel about Cavie Interiors’ design style, and her initial description was “earthy.” She went on to explain that they lean toward a transitional European style. They like to mix an eclectic of elements from different eras, this way the design is never timestamped.

In the living room, the standout Restoration Hardware Chesterfield sofa was sourced by the client, adding a unique and personal touch to the space. The arched cabinets, which have since become popular, were actually ordered right when Crate and Barrel released them before the trend took off. The Cavie Interiors team were ahead on a tone of trends in this home!


We love the coffee table and its accessories so we found some similar items we love!

The black display cabinet is stunning too! Here are a few look a likes we found!

Modern Organic Kitchen

Now, time for the heart of the home—the kitchen. My favorite feature from this kitchen is the arch pocket door, a unique addition that Rachel from Cavie Interiors was determined to incorporate, even though she’d never seen one before.

The process involves a bit of design magic – first, the door is meticulously built, then it’s expertly installed, and finally, the arch is skillfully constructed around it. Rachel’s husband took the reins, fashioning these doors from solid oak. Johnny Piser and his talented team stepped in to create the casing and craft the entire arch doorway around the door.

The warm wood of the arch pocket door brought warmth to the white cabinetry Rachel’s clients wanted. She added more depth with the Iron Ore cabinet that functions as a coffee bar. On the main walls Rachel used Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore which is one of her go to paint colors.

The team thoughtfully mixed metals in this kitchen. Many are afraid to take this approach so I asked if Rachel has any tips to go for it! She shares that sometimes it’s just trial and error. One approach that helps this is choosing a light fixture with more than one metal like these pendants with both gold and oil rubbed bronze.

The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the Taj Mahal porcelain countertop. Porcelain, often associated with old-fashioned floors, has undergone a modern transformation. It’s now celebrated for its remarkable durability, strength, and resistance to damage from heat and impact. It’s definitely an up and coming trend and is the perfect choice for a home that hosts lively gatherings, bustling families, and the occasional wine mishap.

PRO TIP for Porcelain: This is a great countertop choice but not every stone fabricator has the ability to install this material. We recommend hiring someone who has worked with porcelain before which proved to be challeging when we were installing it on mom’s bath surround.


We love the barstools in this kitchen so we gathered a few look a likes we LOVE!

Moody Butlers Pantry

Now, on to the moody and dreamy Butler’s Pantry! Rachel shared that designing this area was a real treat, especially as a mom with four kids who appreciates the value of a well-organized space. The homeowners had some unique requests – a veggie drawer, a fruit drawer, a dry goods drawer, a bread wall – and she loved bringing these to life.

Everything in this pantry has a purpose and a dedicated spot, making it not just beautiful but incredibly functional too. And don’t forget the intriguing walk-through, which doubles as a little whiskey bar – linking the dining area and the kitchen seamlessly. This pantry is more than just a storage space; it’s a carefully crafted part of the home’s design that adds convenience and style to daily life.

Bold & Playful Powder Bath

Now, let’s step into the powder bath! This room exudes a sense of playfulness with its striking wallpaper. Rachel shares how impractical wallpaper can be, especially with kids touching the walls and the exposure to moisture since this bathroom is also the pool bath. To make a statement with wallpaper but not compromise from a practical standpoint, the Cavie Interiors’ team decided to have wainscoting installed 55″ up and put wallpaper on top. This way, the walls can be wiped down where the wainscoting is, but the wallpaper still makes a statement.

Another genius design decision Rachel had in this bathroom was the white oak embellishment on the base of the vanity. Having stain-grade cabinetry wasn’t in the budget, so adding this element added warmth and character in the most cost-effective way!


We love the lighting and mirror choice for this vanity! Here are a few look a likes!

Warm & Cozy Primary Bath

Now, let’s step into the primary bath. The graceful arches in this space that create continuity from the rest of the home bring me so much joy. Rachel explained how much she loved designing this space. She loves to give her clients a heads-up that in every project, she ends up fixating on a few key elements. In this case, it was the arches. She was determined to have a barrel arch, bending the wood to create a unique and elegant vanity. The result is simply stunning, and it’s a little ahead of its time, as arches in cabinetry like these weren’t as common locally.

One of the clever design choices was ensuring that it felt like a single vanity but provided dedicated space for both the husband and wife with the arched vanity tower. This thoughtful separation allows them to have their own tidy areas. The husband, quite fond of his wife, humorously insisted on his own space within the primary bath.

The double shower heads add to the spacious feel of the room, making it perfect for their family. With marble floors and a beautiful backsplash, this primary bath strikes the perfect balance between timeless elegance and cozy comfort.


We love the choice of lighting and mirror in this bath too! We found a couple look a likes we love!

Powerful Design Tips from Cavie Interiors

I asked Rachel to share her best tip to those looking to create a home they love!

The just of her tip: honesty and crunching the numbers. She emphasizes the importance of being honest about your preferences and needs when it comes to design. Sometimes, what we think we want doesn’t align with what our hearts truly desire.

Rachel suggests that numbers can be your guiding light in making design decisions. It’s essential to gather quotes and estimates for various aspects of your home, helping you prioritize what you’re willing to invest in and where you’d prefer to be more budget-conscious.

Rachel also highlights the significance of agreement, especially if you’re working on your home with a spouse. Finding common ground and shared preferences can lead to more natural and satisfying design choices.

Above all, Rachel encourages people not to settle. Just like finding the perfect wedding dress, the right design choice should evoke that unique “this is it” feeling, even if it takes time to discover. Trusting your instincts and waiting for that moment is well worth it, ensuring that your home truly reflects your style and personality.

I asked Rachel to share what makes this house a home to her.

Rachel shared that it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about the essence and energy that the homeowners bring into the space. Rachel emphasizes the importance of kindness, generosity, and intentionality in design. Creating inviting nooks and captivating moments within the home where people can gather, relax, and be themselves is key to making it feel like home.

It’s a place where you don’t have to be perfect, where both the good and the not-so-good are embraced, and where you can truly be yourself, surrounded by friends and loved ones. It’s a reminder that a home is not just a structure; it’s a sanctuary of authenticity and warmth.

This modern organic home is an inspiration, showcasing how a burst pipe during an ice storm led to a stunning renovation by Rachel and her team at Cavie Interiors. Each room is designed for everyday living, striking the perfect balance between style and functionality.

From the welcoming sitting and dining area to the cozy living room and innovative kitchen, this home is a testament to thoughtful design. Rachel’s design tips remind us to be honest about our preferences, crunch the numbers, and trust our instincts when creating a home we love. Above all, it’s the essence of kindness and authenticity that makes a house a true home, where you can relax and be yourself.

To see the full tour, scroll up to watch full YouTube video and follow Cavie Interiors on Instagram at @cavieinteriors for more design inspiration!

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