Shed Transformed into Dreamy Chicken Coop – DIY

Today I’m so excited to share our shed turned dreamy chicken coop/potting shed! This project has been a labor of love and now I’m so excited to share every detail including wallpaper, chandeliers, painted floors and fun vintage finds.



The shed has come a long way! I always knew it had potential, but as they say, good things take time. We began by cleaning out the shed, followed by giving it a fresh coat of paint. We chose Sherwin Williams’ Shoji White, which matches the exterior color of my home. To apply the paint swiftly, we used the Wagner Control Pro 130 sprayer. I’ve used this paint sprayer on multiple occasions, and it’s my favorite!

As we mentioned in our initial video about the shed transformation, we installed a window with hardware cloth at the back of the shed to allow for ventilation and light. Additionally, we added a small door at the bottom to make it easier to sweep out the coop. Our friend, who greatly assisted us with many parts of the project, suggested this feature, and it has proven to be incredibly practical.

We added planters I found from Home Depot on the side with trellises I found online. I’m growing mandevilla up the trellis and they have proven themselves so easy to grow. They’re in mostly shade but get a little sun throughout the day.

The interior

This was the most fun part of the project. The shed is 16′ long and 9′ wide. I divided it in half making the front half the potting shed and the back being dedicated for the chicken coop. They spend most of their time outside but they have plenty of room while they’re sleeping or if the weather is bad. We created a wall and used hardwire cloth to not allow the chickens to come through.

We painted the walls the same color as the exterior. In areas with less sunlight, the color appears a bit warmer, but I still adore the look. Over the cast iron sink, which we sourced from Facebook Marketplace, we added wallpaper. Finding that sink for just $100 was so exciting, especially since I had seen similar ones online for over $2000. Our friend constructed a base for the sink. I’m contemplating creating a sink skirt to hide less appealing items stored beneath, but I haven’t fully decided on that yet.

We also hung an Aidan Gray chandelier in the center of the potting shed area. Fun fact: I got married under this chandelier. It was a wedding gift from my mom but I hadn’t found a place to hang it until the coop. I thought my mom would be upset with me for hanging an expensive designer chandelier in a chicken coop but she loved the idea! We have another chandelier we bought at a barn sale in the chicken area. This one was very affordable. Both fixtures are plugged in and actually function providing light when needed.

We also found a hutch on Facebook Marketplace for $100. I love the scalloped trim and imagined the small drawers being a perfect area for seed storage. Currently the base of the hutch is storing lots of items I used when the chickens were chicks like the brooder light.

The Floors

If I’m honest the floors wasn’t my favorite project I’ve ever done. It was time consuming and I ended up having to move the chickens in before I finished painting because of time obligations I had so cleaning the floors in the midst of the project to finally complete them made it more of a headache than it needed to be.

I was inspired by Liz Marie’s mudroom. I love the light contrast so I chose to pair Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter with Sherwin Williams Shoji White. I also painted the shed doors and the hutch Revere Pewter. If you want a tutorial on the floors I would follow Liz’s.

The Garden

I added garden boxes from Vego Garden in charcoal and then found a scalloped edging from Home Depot. The trellis in the back was also a wedding gift seven years ago that I never found a place for. It’s funny that there are two gifts from our wedding that were featured in this project. We have been married for going on 8 years by the way.

I plan on adding more Vego beds to the front area but wanted to get started in a more sustainable way. I don’t have the best track record with gardens but I’m doing much better with this one. We installed drip irrigation with a timer from RainPoint. It’s been a couple months and everything is living!

I also installed a motion sensor sprinkler because the chickens hop out of their run into the garden. This has kept them from eating my garden so far!

I hope you enjoyed the chicken coop/potting shed/garden reveal! This is one of my favorite projects we’ve taken on and I’m so excited to continue taking on projects in the backyard. We have a ton of fun things planned.

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