The Urbanology Cottage Tour – Luxury Airbnb in Weatherford, Texas

Today, we a truly special tour to share with you – a peek into the luxurious Urbanology Cottage in Weatherford, Texas, a breathtaking Airbnb experience designed by none other than Ginger Curtis, founder and CEO of Urbanology Designs and the celebrated HGTV designer of the year!

What I love most about this tour is that it’s not confined to your computer screen. You can quite literally step into the beautifully crafted ambiance by booking a stay at the cottage. Every corner, every room weaves a narrative that will have you itching to plan your next retreat.


Ginger’s journey in the design world is nothing short of inspiring. Since establishing Urbanology Designs in 2015, she’s ascended from being a solo entrepreneur, juggling endless responsibilities, to building her incredible team that she shares is her “secret sauce.”

The inception of the Urbanology Cottage stemmed from a dual vision: to be the client and be able to invite guests into the home which she can’t do with typical design clients. Ginger spotted a gap in the Airbnb market – those who crave a sophisticated, intentional design without the stereotypical chunky leather sofas and predictable palettes. She craved blend of moods, colors, and eras – think dark, moody chambers merging seamlessly into bright, airy spaces.

Ginger believes, as do mom and I, that design shouldn’t be boxed into single descriptors. It should be bold, eclectic, and above all, reflect our myriad personalities and preferences. And with the Urbanology Cottage, Ginger has done just that. You’re going to love every detail of this tour friends!

"The thing that gets my heart really excited is to take the road that's less traveled. Find the narrow path, find what's special and uncommon, and pursue that with your whole heart. And so, every single thing our hearts and our minds touch, I feel like we approach it with that direction, and the Urbanology Cottage was no exception." 



Stepping into the living room of the Urbanology Cottage, you’re greeted by Ginger’s fearless design decisions. Depending on the sun’s position, the paint— a captivating green-black— either veers towards a deep black or reveals a hint of green. As Ginger so effortlessly puts it, “why choose between green and black when you can have both?”

While the current trend leans towards light oak, Ginger desired the richness of dark, espresso-toned flooring, reminiscent of days gone by. This choice sets the contrast that allows the cayenne and sage hues of the sofas to truly shine. The curated collection of earthenware accents create a casual, cozy feel.

The pièce de résistance is the hand-carved, artisanal coffee table from the 1950s Norway. Its story finds echoes in the dining room with a custom bench bearing similar cylindrical legs—a design decision that shows the thought Ginger invests in each detail creating intentional threads through the home.


You go from the dark moody living room into the bright and airy dining room with an eclectic mix of art that immediately draws you in. We asked Ginger if she had any tips for selecting art. Her advice is refreshingly straightforward: the more you explore, the quicker you discern what you love.

Whether you lean toward abstract pieces, watercolor portraits, or captivating landscapes, exploring galleries, antique stores or estate sales will reveal what makes your heart sing. Ginger has a mix of it all in the dining room gallery wall including a quirky personal drawing showing there are no rules. Just choose what you love!

Another element I love in this space is the lighting. The fixture is a stunning piece of functional sculpture. The mix of colors on the enamel shades brings warmth and interest to the modern piece. Ginger has me inspired to take risks when it comes to lighting. All her selections in this home are bold but stunning.


The kitchen at the Urbanology Cottage underwent a HUGE transformation. In fact, it’s currently nominated for HGTV’s Designer of the Year 2023 Awards in the category of most dramatic “before and afters.” Voting for the kitchen is open daily until September 28. Set your timers friends!

One big decision that made the most impact was removing the uppers. This aesthetic choice was balanced with thoughtful storage solutions for function. The result is a stunning kitchen with a striking eggplant purple sink that complements the cabinets’ purplish-brown hue. The backsplash over sink is made from a unique material known as micro-cement—more prevalent in Europe—is not just an aesthetic choice. Custom-created and antimicrobial, showing Ginger’s thought for creating spaces that are both stunning, functional and one of a kind.

Above the Ilve Range, the marble backsplash from Ann Sacks shows Ginger’s refined taste, blending a nostalgic charm with modern design. Few Airbnb’s have a chef approved range and marble design features.

It’s these subtleties, rooted in the belief that everyone deserves moments of unexpected beauty, that set the Urbanology Cottage apart. Whether it’s the craftsmanship of a mug or the lux tile choices, her attention to detail is out of the ordinary when it comes to vacation rentals.


Ginger’s touch is everywhere in the Urbanology Cottage, but it’s in the bedrooms and bathrooms where the details truly draw inspiration from her past. Every step you take feels like you’re wandering through the chapters of her personal diary. The flow between contrasting moods—bright in one space, moody in the next—feels so purposeful, as she shares the highs and lows of her life story.

Growing up, fictional characters were more than just stories to Ginger; they were friends and reflections of her evolving self. Naming each bedroom after these characters, like the primary suite called “Ms. Longstocking,” isn’t just a design choice. It’s an intimate look into Ginger’s life. Pippi Longstocking, with her unapologetic spirit and iconic red pigtails, was a childhood hero. Pippi taught Ginger the beauty of standing out, of dancing to her own tunes, even if they were as quirky as wearing red pigtails.

The room is bright with a relaxed, modern organic feel. You’ll find a quote from Pippi on the wall that has you inspired to embrace your inner child while still soaking up the incredible sophistication of the design choices in the room.


In the middle bedroom, the vintage bed against the rich, moody color on the walls creates an atmosphere of secrets waiting to be unraveled. The room isn’t just a space; it’s an experience, named “Colonel Mustard” after the board game, Clue.

If you watched the full tour you saw mom thought Colonel Mustard was from Monopoly. I’m still giggling from that.

With a touch of whimsy, Ginger chose vintage portraits of dignified men, each one bearing the potential to be the Colonel Mustard. The bedroom becomes a playground of memories and challenges, with vintage Clue game sets and quality metal game pawns meticulously placed, daring guests to discover their hidden locations. It’s a dance between the moody and the playful, capturing the essence of childhood joys and adult refinements.

What truly resonated with me was Ginger’s ability to make a theme feel deeply personal without it becoming kitschy. Here was a room that celebrated a piece of her heart, a fragment of her past, and yet it invited each guest to form their own connection, to find their own story within its walls.


The third bedroom at the Urbanology Cottage holds a special place in Ginger’s heart, bearing the name “Mrs. Hozel.” This fictional character, created by Ginger and her sister during their childhood, was more than just a whimsical imaginary friend; she epitomized strength, intelligence, and a touch of playful mischief. Mrs. Hozel, with her distinct pointy shoes and feathered wool hat, was the hope needed in Ginger’s turbulent childhood, symbolizing the aspirational figure she desired to become.

The bookshelves surrounding the bed make you ready to settle in for a good read. The whimsical rabbit wallpaper adds a playful touch, juxtaposed by a gold-framed fox portrait, prompting the playful question: will the fox give chase, or will the bunnies take the lead? The room is draped in a bold marigold velvet, framing the bed and built-ins, creating the coziest feeling.

As Ginger shared the stories from her childhood that inspired these stunning rooms, I was overwhelmed with goosebumps, moved by the woman she has become and the depth in these spaces. Of course I yelled out, “YOU NEED TO WRITE A BOOK!” And, true to form, she revealed she already has. You can find her book, “Beauty by Design: Refreshing Spaces Inspired by What Matters Most,” on Amazon.

"It's God. Through His handiwork and His creativity, if He is the author and the Perfecter of beauty and creativity, what does that mean for us, created in His image? It means that we need it, we long for it, it's in our DNA. I think when people come in and experience a place like this, they don't always have words, and that's okay because it's a feeling. It truly is transformative. I think giving ourselves permission and recognizing that we are worthy of beauty."


The Urbanology Cottage bathrooms aren’t just places to wash up; they’re heartfelt expressions. When you first walk in, it’s hard to miss that marble flooring. It isn’t just about flaunting luxury; it’s a gentle whisper saying, “You deserve moments like this.” She’s sourced quality tiles from Ann Sacks because she genuinely believes that people deserve to experience that kind of quality, even in an Airbnb setting. It’s her way of investing in the people who walk through the doors.

Every piece in that bathroom has its own tale. There’s the vintage mirror that Ginger stumbled upon during one of her global adventures. It isn’t just a reflection piece; it’s a fragment of her journey brought home. Brass wall sconces cast a warm, embracing light, and the pedestal sink cleverly opens up the space, making the room breathe a little easier. Every time you step in, the room invites a rediscovery. It’s as if it nudges you to notice something you hadn’t before.


We asked Ginger which designers inspire her the most. She shared her admiration for Jake Arnold, appreciating his embrace of the unconventional. She’s drawn to his color palette and his ability to mix the old with the new while keeping things fresh and modern. Ginger also holds Lauren Liess in high regard, especially valuing her authenticity. She’s been following Lauren’s story for years.


Ginger and the Urbanology team have made the cottage shoppable where you can access all their designer resources to create the look in your own home. I love that she gives the DIYers this opportunity but also asked her who she thought should hire a designer rather than creating the look themselves.

I love her outlook! At its core, it’s about understanding where your joys and strengths lie. If playing around with paint swatches and furniture arrangements doesn’t light up your world, then perhaps it’s a sign. Maybe you’re better off handing the reins to someone who lives and breathes design. It’s not just about having a pretty space – it’s about the time, the struggles, and the potential missteps saved when you lean on an expert’s guidance.

Also, Ginger touched upon a fundamental aspect of design – the foundation. Often, people gather inspiration from platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, try to integrate those ideas into their homes, and then wonder why it doesn’t seem to gel. The problem often lies in the basics: the walls, the floors, and especially the lighting. Before one starts adding accents and furniture, it’s essential to evaluate and rectify these foundational elements.

As our tour of the Urbanology Cottage comes to a close, we’re left inspired to embrace our own personal history to create home. The spaces curated by Ginger aren’t just rooms—they are stories, experiences, and emotions materialized. From the moody undertones of the Colonel Mustard Room to the whimsy of Mrs. Hozel’s space, every inch of this home has been thoughtfully designed with love, passion, and a deep respect for the power of aesthetics.

Whether you’re simply admiring the cottage here online or fortunate enough to step inside for a cozy get away, one thing is clear: The Urbanology Cottage isn’t just a rental; it’s a testament to the transformative power of design. So, here’s to embracing beauty in all its forms, and to the brilliant minds like Ginger who remind us that every space has a story waiting to be told.



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