Modern Victorian Historic Home Tour: Dreamy Airbnb in Rockwall, Texas

We’re incredibly excited to bring you another stunning home tour. Today, we invite you to step inside the McKoy House, a historic gem built in 1885 and masterfully renovated by Tim and Jennifer Herriage. Located in the heart of downtown Rockwall, Texas, this home has been transformed into a breathtaking Airbnb that beautifully blends modern flair with Victorian charm. From the captivating wallpaper to the delightful pops of color, and the seamless fusion of vintage and new pieces, this home is a true masterpiece.

Get ready to fall in love with the McKoy House!

This 1885-built home, lovingly known as the McKoy House, holds a rich history that takes us back to a time of Farmers and Merchants in Rockwall. Originally occupying vast acre and a half lots, this architectural masterpiece has witnessed the passage of time and experienced various owners throughout its existence.



As we step into the house, you’ll see the first room, the parlor. This room, once the social hub of the house, has been beautifully restored to reflect the opulent Queen Anne Victorian style. We admire the original fireplace, the intricate wallpaper, and the modern chandelier that perfectly blend the old and the new. The attention to detail and the careful selection of furniture create a stunning ambiance that is both timeless and inviting.

This room is the first glimmer of how Jennifer and Tim mixed vintage and modern. I loved what Tim said about his wife’s chandelier choice, “We put the inlay on the ceilings and then added the chandelier. The craziest chandelier my wife’s ever picked but it’s actually the coolest too.” It’s statements like this “crazy” chandelier that give an elevated feel in this airbnb.

On the wall you’ll see art of a victorian lady blowing a bubble with gum. Jennifer shared that this was the inspiration for the entire home—Modern Victorian.


When you step into this kitchen you’ll assume it’s always been. Once we saw the before photos we were shocked by how nothing we original except the brick chimney in the island. The layout was completely changed with the vent hood placed directly above the window.

I was shocked the learn that the distressed tile flooring was new from Home Depot. As we’ve gone on so many tours one things I appreciate the most is when home owners are able to make new design elements look as if they’ve been there for decades. The blue matching the french blue paint on the walls in the entry and upstairs makes a cohesive but interesting design choice.

The brick chimney, which has stood for well over 100 years, combined with the modern pendant lights, is my favorite feature in the kitchen. On the chimney, you will notice sconces adorned with flickering light bulbs, creating the illusion of a gas sconce.

The dining room showcases a modern marble table paired with vintage chairs and a built-in banquette seating. The combination of patterns in the pillows and curtains adds a delightful contrast to the white walls, infusing the space with a playful touch. The chandelier over the dining room table was once the light in the parlor!


The den beautifully displays a captivating blue Schumacher Wallpaper. The playful mix of patterns and color had my creative juices flowing. Although the coffee table was originally from Anthropologie and is no longer available, I managed to find a few similar options on Etsy. The sofa was custom-made, and the wingback chairs were discovered at an antique store. The artwork above the desk portrays a Victorian lady wearing AirPods, offering a whimsical touch of Modern Victorian art. Recreating this look with carefully sourced treasures would require time and dedication, but the end result would be worth the effort.


This sunroom is an absolute dream. I can envision myself enjoying a cup of coffee here in the morning during a girls’ trip at this Airbnb. The space is filled with natural light and exudes a warm and inviting ambiance. With its comfortable seating, a well-placed TV, and a beautifully styled bar cart, it’s the epitome of cozy elegance. Surprisingly, the fan in this room was originally intended for the bedroom, but it seamlessly fits in as if it has always belonged. The combination of blue and red creates a timeless and classic color scheme that adds a touch of sophistication to the space.


This moody gray bedroom exudes a classic cottage feel, with its rich layers of patterns and textures. The windows surrounding the bed allow ample natural light to fill the space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The gallery art displayed over the dresser is yet another testament to Jennifer’s exceptional eye for selecting artwork. It adds a captivating touch to the room, further enhancing its charm and character.

There’s a second bedroom that can be spotted on the video tour of this home!


Looking at these before photos is shocking how far this home has come but I can see the beautiful potential that Tim and Jennifer saw in this historic home.


I’m going to be a little bit of a tease here! The upstairs of this house is absolutely incredible, but I’ve saved it for the video. If you want to see this stunning space, perfect for both kids and adults to enjoy, head to the full YouTube tour. Trust me, you won’t want to miss the fun pop of the red tub! It’s a delightful surprise that adds a playful touch to the overall design. So, be sure to check out the video to get the full experience of this remarkable home.

Thank you Tim and Jennifer for welcoming us into this stunning home. Your vision and determination have transformed this house into a true gem, showcasing the perfect blend of modern elegance and historic charm. I can’t wait to see future projects!

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