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We’ve had the pleasure of touring Michele’s Vintage Home Designs numerous times, experiencing her creative design ideas every season—except for summer, that is! So, you can imagine our excitement when Michele graciously agreed to let us in to tour her patio spaces and interior for this sunny season.

Michele, a true creative at heart, embraces a neutral palette that never fails to sweep you off your feet. Her style is timeless, showcasing a collection of carefully curated pieces that make her home so cozy. Every visit leaves us in awe of the new treasures she discovers and artfully placing into a perfectly arranged vignette. Get ready for a remarkable tour that will have your creativity flowing for your own home.



If you had the chance to catch our YouTube tour, you may recall that we began our journey on the back patio, concluding with the front patio. I wanted to mix it up for the blog post for those who enjoy our tours both ways. Our hope is for the photos and details to be fun to take in even if you’ve already watched the video tour or if you haven’t watched it for your curiosity to be sparked to do so!

Michele’s curb appeal is off the charts. Despite being a new build, it exudes the timeless charm of an old farmhouse with a captivating cottage feel. you’ll be greeted by a cottage garden brimming with vibrant blooms, attracting a chorus of bees and butterflies. The vivid colors of the flowers and lush greens create a striking contrast against the pristine white board and batten exterior.

I love the decor on the patio. One particular detail that caught our eye was the addition of a charming seating arrangement accompanied by a lamp on a table. We’ve taken many tours and I can’t recall ever seeing a lamp outdoors. Yet, it somehow felt perfectly aligned with the ambiance, as if it were meant to be there all along. There really are no rules in home design.

When I think of Michele I think of topiaries because she always has the most stunning ones all throughout her home specially on the patios. I’m always shocked how she is able to create her own topiaries with plants she finds at Walmart of all places.

I also wanted to mention how much I love the color of Michele’s front door. It has me itching to paint my own.


Michele use patriotic accents from Memorial Day until Labor Day with Fourth of July perfectly sandwiched in between. She doesn’t go overboard and her accents aren’t too kitschy but just perfectly sophisticated touches that remind you of the season and holiday that we’re in. The vintage flag gracefully hanging on the staircase is a great example.


Michele is known for her neutral color palette. She’s always been able to make a bold statement with all neutrals which is such talent. I was surprised when I saw pops of blue in her home this tour. Against all expectations, these additions did not detract from her signature style; instead, they seamlessly blended into her typically warm and neutral design, enhancing it in unexpected ways.

When I asked Michele about her addition of color she said “Blue is just so classic.” And she shared that it was sparked by her grandmother’s blue dishes that she found she had. She treasure hunted for a bit more blue with more transferware and pillows on the living room sofa. She has links on her blog for these pillows if you’re in the market!


Mom and I are known for claiming many things to be our favorite in one single tour. It’s hard to choose one area when you’re so inspired but I really mean it when I say this hutch in Michele’s kitchen is truly my favorite thing in her home. She has many collections placed in perfect vignettes then your eyes are drawn up to her collection of hats and books. Some of these hats our her personal hats while others were thrifted all found around $4.

Michele has a stunning sitting area in front of her kitchen. This area was originally going to be the dining room but made sense for their family to be for sitting and having conversations. I always find myself in one of the chairs when I visit. On a table next to the chair Michele had the Farmhouse Style magazine where her patio was on the cover! So fun to see her talent receiving the recognition it deserves.

Here is one place you’ll see cut florals and stems from Michele’s yard. She shares how no matter the season she bring cuttings in and when there’s nothing to bring in she’ll run and grab a grocery store arrangement and embellish it with greenery from the yard. I love the signs of life all over the home.


More unconventional wall decor is found in the breakfast nook with vintage garden tools hung on the wall next to her breakfast nook table. This spot has been a place where out of the box accents have been spotted almost every visit. During Christmas Michele had dishes hung in the shape of a Christmas tree. I wish I could bottle up her creativity and drink it like my morning coffee, but since I can’t I’ll just continue to read her blog for her unique ideas!

As we glanced at the top of the hutch, we couldn’t help but notice a few more topiaries perched there. We couldn’t help but chuckle as we realized that these ones seemed to be having a bit of a struggle, not quite thriving like their patio counterparts. However, what always catches my attention is how effortlessly Michele embraces the concept of dry, faded florals in her home. With dried hydrangeas featured as her decor on multiple occasions, it seemed like the slightly wilted green of the topiaries were a deliberate and beautiful choice.

I must admit, I didn’t even mind the fact that they were not in their prime. Michele has a way of making faded elements look intentional and beautiful. The muted hues and weathered appearance blended seamlessly with the overall aesthetic. It was a gentle reminder that beauty can be found in every stage of life, even when things may not be flourishing as expected.


This is where we started on the video tour and one of my favorite areas in Michele’s home. I told you I have a hard time committing to a favorite because there’s just so much inspiration from every area.

One fun feature on the back patio are these glass garage doors offering the flexibility to open or close them based on the patio’s intended use. During the scorching Texas summers, it’s no surprise that these doors are mostly kept open, allowing a refreshing breeze to flow through. And trust me, with a heat index of 114° when we filmed this tour, I can understand the desire for some much-needed ventilation!

As the colder months roll in, Michele shared that they bring the doors down and cozy up the space by igniting the fireplace. Within moments, the patio transforms into a warm and inviting retreat, expanding their living area and creating the perfect setting for entertaining. I couldn’t help but imagine the possibilities this versatile space holds, not only during the summer but also during the pleasant spring and fall seasons.

The patio is where Michele styles her amazing tablescapes that she features on her blog. She’s done so many different themes that have you wanting to take the idea and host a full party. Today she has vintage demi johns with American flags.

During the video tour, mom mentions how one side of the patio is for dining and the other for “snuggling.” I got a laugh out of that but I can imagine this slipcovered sofa being a great place to snuggle up and watch a movie in front of the fireplace. Michele thrifted the sofa and found a loose cover that she bought to go on it then had the pillows recovered by her seamstress. They’re double sided so she can flip them whenever she’d like to change it up.

Another interesting find Michele has on the patio is the fireplace mantle. She found it from a woman in Dallas on Facebook Marketplace for $100! It brought so much character to this room.

I hope you enjoyed Michele’s home as much as we have! I’m inspired to bring the outdoors in and treasure hunt to find accents that make an impact without breaking the bank. I love that every time we visit there’s something new that inspires me to think outside of the box with my home design. Thank you so much for having us Michele!

Follow Michele on Instagram at @VintageHomeDesigns and head to her blog for all the details and tutorials of her projects. I learn something new every week from her that I never would have thought of!


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