10 Accent Ceiling Ideas that will Transform a Room

Mom and I are currently in process of installing shiplap and beams in her living room. It’s made such a HUGE difference and I can’t wait for you to see the impact. While we wrap the project up I decided to round up my favorite ceiling accent inspiration that I’ve found online. No matter your style a ceiling accent can make a room design.


1. My Favorite Room Pecky Cypress Plank Wood Ceiling

Kathy of My Favorite Room has an amazing living room and the first thing that catches your eye when you walk into the room are the stunning ceilings, featuring pecky cypress planks. This application brings in so much warmth and texture, and it’s clear that every detail was carefully thought out. Pecky cypress isn’t a very common species of wood, but man, is it beautiful! Kathy’s son owns a contraction company called Mosaic Building Co and took on this amazing project.

You can tour Kathy’s full home on the blog with photos and a full YouTube Video.

DESIGN: KBM Designs CONSTRUCTION: Mosaic Building Co PHOTO: Farmhouse Living

2. Joanna Gaines Mini Reni Dining Room Ceiling Accent

Joanna Gaines creatively designed a ceiling accent that transformed this dining room from a plain, white box to an elevated and sophisticated space. They had a shoe string budget on this room so they decided to make an impact installing 1×6 boards with 4″ in between each and 4″ crown molding painted in the paint color Drawing Room Gray with a satin finish.

The color and the pattern makes a stunning designer detail on a budget! I’m thinking about taking on this design in my playroom. I feel like it would be an easier project that adds so much detail to a room.

DESIGN: Joanna Gaines

3. Elfvinggardens Striking 1×6 Board Ceiling Design

Jennie Moraeus of @Elfvinggardens has a very similar ceiling accent to the Joanna Gaines’ dining room! I was excited to stumble upon this design to show the impact the white ceiling can have with a color like this blue on the walls. I also love her painted wood floors! There are so many creative and playful elements in this space that I absolutely adore.

DESIGN: @Elfvinggardens

4. Colored Beams in Kitchen by Jessica Helgerson

Speaking of color, I love how this ceiling is trimmed with beams the same color as the cabinets and the wall color. Jessica added another layer of interest to this already beautiful design. I love that even the vent hood is this muted green color. I’ve been seeing this called ‘color drenching’ when an entire room is painted the same color. The ceiling does give a break in the color between the beams which is an even better way to do it.

By the way if you love green kitchens are are on the hunt for the perfect green, we’ve rounded up our favorite green paint colors with examples used in kitchens here.

DESIGN: Jessica Helgerson PHOTO: Aaron Leitz

5. Rough Hewn Beams & Shiplap Ceiling by Amber Interiors

THIS CEILING!! I love beams and this rough hewn wood laid out in such an interesting way with shiplap between is a dream. The vault in the ceiling gave such a great opportunity for a ceiling accent and Amber nailed it.

Don’t miss the photo of the kitchen, where you can see the wood beams in the living room and how they flow seamlessly into the kitchen. Some people might worry that putting beams in both rooms would be “too much,” but when you see them together, it’s pure perfection.

DESIGN: Amber Interiors PHOTO: Shade Degges Photography

6. Layered Beams by Lucca Design

I’ve come by to this ceiling for inspiration many times and when I began rounding up ceiling inspiration I knew I needed to feature it. I’m curious if these beams were added or originally there but I love how they were layered with the wood planks, then the first layer of beams and then the second. The room also features more millwork on the wall making it a timeless unforgettable design!

DESIGN: Lucca Design BUILD: Tri City Construction PHOTO: Rebekah Westover Photography

7. Modern Rustic Ceiling Accent by Katie LeClercq Design Studio

The wood…the pendants…the view. This room immediately stopped by scroll and I’m officially a follower of Katie and can’t wait for more inspiration from her. The lighting in both the kitchen and living room of this home paired with the ceiling adds so much interest!

DESIGN: Katie LeClercq Design PHOTO: Aaron Leitz

8. Beams with Metal Accents by Treasure in the Detail

Clearly I love beams! I love how the Treasure in the Detail Design team used metal accents in this ceiling design. Maybe these help with the support bracing the beams or maybe they’re simply for looks, either way we love the detail.

DESIGN: Treasure in the Detail BUILD: Royales Finishes Constructions PHOTO: Lifecreated

9. Interesting X Wood Design by Galey Alix

I’ve been following Galey on Instagram for a long time and I’ve loved her surprise design reveals she does with clients! She recently got a new show called “Out Now” and this space was on the show. I love the interesting layout of the wood. Galey has such out of the box ideas.

DESIGN: Galey Alix

10. Wallpaper Ceiling by House of Hargrove

Elaine of @HouseofHargrove recently built a new house, but just because it’s new does not mean it’s short of character! Elaine thought of every detail even down to a ceiling accent in her butler’s pantry. I love the blue hues contrasting with pattern.

DESIGN: @HouseofHargrove

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