Window Over Bed Inspiration Round Up

Today we’re sharing inspiration of bedrooms that feature a window over the bed! This can be a tough feature to design around, but this inspiration will have you ready to EMBRACE it!

When I first purchased my new home, one feature I struggled designing around was the window over the bed in the primary bedroom. I had designed many bedrooms with art over the bed or using the headboard as a feature, but I couldn’t do either with the window as the focal point. I began hunting for inspiration and these bedrooms stopped my scroll and inspired me to embrace the window in my design.


This first photo was the first one that really sparked my inspiration. I loved the trim work around the window making it feel like a feature in the room and almost an extension of the headboard. I ended up doing similar trim on my window and it made a world of a difference. This room is cozy perfection.

IMAGE SOURCE: @FreshTwist Studio

This next room designed by Marie Flanigan Interiors is a great example of why you should embrace all the windows you can. The light flooding in this bedroom from the floor-to-ceiling windows totally makes the room. The curtains all the way to the ceiling make the ceilings look even taller and draw your eyes up to the shiplap.

IMAGE SOURCE: @MarieFlaniganInteriors

The room below is the same room by Marie Flanigan, but with different accents. I love that you can see the impact the windows make even with a fresh spin on bedding and art.

IMAGE SOURCE: @MarieFlaniganInteriors

I loved this inspiration because the window isn’t centered. It gives so much interest in the space and still feels sophisticated. There are really no rules when it comes to designing with a window over a bed!

IMAGE SOURCE: @ScoutandNimble

This room by Alexander Design has so much architectural interest from the beams, shiplap, and the three windows over the bed. One thing I noticed from the inspiration I loved is how wall sconces add another layer to the bed. Having this design feature in lieu of art or a tall headboard adds so much interest!

IMAGE SOURCE: @AlexanderDesignBuild

Three simple square windows make a sweet statement above this earthy organic bed! The understated elegance is our favorite!

IMAGE SOURCE: @KelseyLeighDesignco

Where the headboard starts and the windows stop is hard to know! But the feeling of warmth the white molding surrounding these black frames are the star of the show!

IMAGE SOURCE: @Raising3Foodies

The bed tucked in front of the windows and framed by linen panels is everything! The tree prints call to the nature seen outside! So warm and inviting!

IMAGE SOURCE: @DelightfullyWestern

How awesome is this black room on black framed windows with moody and elegant black metal framed bed! There’s too much to take in with this perfectly appointed space! And the linen shade is just the right complement to the window above this gorgeous bed!

IMAGE SOURCE: @john_de_bastiani_interiors

Nooks and books couldn’t be more sweet than they are with the window flooding in light into the space! Its okay to place a metal framed bed in front of a window. There are no rules! And the simple curtains on the black metal rod tie it all together with a bow!

IMAGE SOURCE: @FromGrittoPearl

Your eye is drawn to this row of windows with pops of blue and white! And its an interesting use of space to place the bedside floating nightstands and sconces in front of the windows! Again, no rules! Its a great space!

IMAGE SOURCE: @Lee.Kimball

The bay window is light filled and pretty framed in white molding to match the wainscoting on the walls! This is simple style done right!

IMAGE SOURCE: @Reems_Design

What do you do when you have windows on every wall? Put a bed in front of them! And the metal frame allows for all the goodness of the windows to shine through! Lots of style going on in this room!

IMAGE SOURCE: @MaisondePax

Warm and cozy understated elegance! This room takes me back to a simpler time and the window behind the bed makes me want to plop down and stay awhile!

IMAGE SOURCE: @WillandBlu_Interiors

The window is the centerpiece with the linen panels and warm woven shades. The use of the metal bed is such a great way to show it off!

IMAGE SOURCE: @HaleyLovesHome

I hope these rooms inspire you as much as they inspired me! I’d love to know if you had any trouble decorating with windows over beds.

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