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I’m excited to share this tour of Jenna’s home, reimagined by DFW designer, Lauren Tanner. Jenna and her husband have lived in this home for 13 years with their kids but when they first moved in it wasn’t always this dreamy. It was Lauren’s signature touch – especially that stunning use of reclaimed wood – that transformed it into a blend of rustic charm and elevated design.

What I love most about this home is Jenna’s heart for her family. This home is cherished by everyone, including the kids and Golden Retriever. Lauren skillfully blends stylish design with a homey ambiance, perfect for a FAMILY! I can’t wait for you to see this tour 🤍


Jenna’s entryway opens up to what she refers to as the ‘formal living,’ an area that was once seldom used but has since been transformed into a cozy haven by Lauren. This revamped space now serves as Jenna’s cherished spot for morning coffee chats with her mom, evening wine unwindings, and festive celebrations.

Particularly during the Christmas season, it comes alive with the sparkle of Christmas trees – a touch of Lauren’s festive flair. Before Lauren, Jenna would traditionally have just one tree in her home, but now, thanks to Lauren’s creativity, the front window gleams with a tree, complemented by another in the family room.


Jenna’s dining room, though described by Lauren as still “in progress,” already exudes a beauty that many would argue is close to perfection. The room primarily comes alive during seasonal events, with its use reserved for special occasions just a couple of times a year. However, this doesn’t diminish its charm.

One thing Lauren did was swap out the table and the next potential project is giving the cabinet a fresh coat of paint to add contrast to the room. I can see how that would look amazing but I still love the room as is!


When Lauren sent me Jenna’s living room and how she transformed it, I immediately knew I wanted to share this stunning home. Before the updates, Jenna admitted to feeling a bit lost regarding furniture layout, but Lauren’s redesign turned the room into a more conversational space. She repositioned the TV from its original cabinet to a spot above the mantel. Complementing this change were the all-new built-ins, featuring a warm wood tone and a charming arch. The chandelier, a unique Pottery Barn find by Lauren from Atlanta, compliments the room perfectly. You’d never know this was a budget find!

It’s also worth noting that the arches that are featured in the case openings were part of the original structure when the home was built around 2004. Lauren’s genius lay in introducing elements that would complement these arches, ensuring a seamless blend of the old and new, creating an atmosphere that is both cohesive and charming.

Jenna’s home is a great example of how stunning dedicated spaces can be, but each room still flows and opens up into the next. The layout ensures that while cooking in the kitchen, one doesn’t feel isolated from the living room conversations. Dedicated spaces are making a come back these days and we can totally see why!


Stepping into Jenna’s kitchen, it’s evident that every detail has been curated to perfection. Initially, the kitchen wasn’t even part of the redesign plan; the focus was solely on the bathrooms. However, after experiencing the transformation of the living room, Jenna and her husband knew they wanted Lauren and her husband to complete the entire space while they were available.

Jenna shares how thrilled she was to have this stunning space completed, particularly since the kitchen is the heart of their home, often bustling with friends and family. The island, which was retained in its original size, is now surrounded by revamped cabinetry and luxurious quartz countertops. We love the unique warm taupe veining on these countertops that flow with the warmth of the rest of the home.

The kitchen’s crowning glory is the Ilve range and vent hood. These details anchor the kitchen’s aesthetic. The backsplash is a combination of quartz and vertical shiplap. Lauren’s decision to integrate the shiplap was driven by the desire to achieve a balance of sophistication and coziness– ensuring the kitchen didn’t become too formal for the home. The reclaimed wood trimmed hood, a signature touch from Lauren, adds a dose of character. Hardware details, like the mix of knobs, pulls, and unique locks that Jenna had seen and loved on Instagram, further accentuate the kitchen’s charm.


Upon entering Jenna’s breakfast nook, one is immediately struck by the seamless transition from vertical to horizontal shiplap. The space has transformed beautifully under Lauren’s watchful eye. What once housed an old-fashioned built-in hutch now exudes modern charm while paying homage to the home’s history, especially with the original textured walls which, when painted white, added an unexpected European flair. The space’s pièce de résistance, a woven chandelier, brilliantly captures the blend of budget and luxury — a testament to Lauren’s knack for mixing high-end pieces with budget-friendly finds, like this chandelier from Target, ensuring the room feels both elevated and approachable.


Jenna’s primary bedroom, under Lauren’s expert guidance, has been transformed into a veritable oasis reminiscent of a high-end hotel suite. Gone is the ornate poster bed and simple décor, replaced by stunning pre-war beams, a signature of Lauren’s design aesthetic. These beams effortlessly elevate the space, making even the simplest of furnishings shine. Adding to the room’s charisma is a charming dresser, new but exuding vintage allure. The furniture arrangement, though consistent with Jenna’s initial setup, feels refreshingly new, particularly with the strategic placement of a low ottoman at the foot of the bed. This serves as a testament to Lauren’s belief that in design, rules are meant to be reinterpreted, if not outright broken.


Jenna’s bathroom, previously adorned in a Tuscan theme, underwent a monumental transformation, thanks to the touch of her designer, Lauren. The room, once dominated by deep earthy hues, now breathes with a refreshing brightness, highlighted by the wooden beam above the freestanding bathtub—a feature that replaces the previous built-in variant. This tasteful blend of warmth and modern chic design accentuates the space beautifully.


When it comes to working with a designer, Jenna emphasizes the importance of trust. Her prior hesitations were rooted in the fear of drastic changes, but after seeing some of Lauren and Carlton’s work, she and her husband took the leap of faith. Their harmonious collaboration with Lauren revolved around mutual respect and understanding, enabling them to seamlessly transform their house into a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing masterpiece. Jenna’s key advice for those seeking a successful relationship with a designer is to find someone with whom they can cultivate a personal connection and to wholeheartedly trust the design process.

Jenna’s home transformation is a heartwarming reminder that with trust and collaboration, spaces can be reborn into stunning masterpieces. Lauren’s ability to breathe life into every corner of the home, while still preserving the original essence and character, is truly commendable. But more than the aesthetic brilliance, it’s the warm, welcoming ambiance that stands out. This house is not just a showcase of impeccable design; it’s a living testament to the love and memories shared within its walls. For anyone embarking on a renovation journey, remember the importance of trust and connection, as underscored by Jenna’s experience. After all, a house is made of bricks and beams, but a home is made of hopes and dreams. May this tour inspire you to envision the potential in your own spaces and to pursue them with passion and trust. 🤍🏡

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