Cozy Cottage Home Tours with @mylittlewhitebarn_ + Renovation Tips

We’re bursting with excitement to bring you another home tour! Today our friend Shannon from @mylittlewhitebarn has opened the door to us to share not one but TWO stunning homes with you.

She’s been pouring her heart into renovating her current home for years, and guess what? She’s selling it! The way this unfolded might make you laugh. While shopping at an estate sale just down the street, she couldn’t resist making an offer on another home – and now she’s in progress renovating this new project. Her husband has said no estate sales for a while 😋

Join us as we tour both her beautifully completed home and the new, still-under-renovation space. It’s a treat to see how she infuses her signature cozy, cottage, and collected style into both homes. Shannon’s talent and insights on crafting a home will leave you inspired and wanting to design outside of the box.


We have toured Shannon’s home in the past and when we walked in this time I found myself pondering why the living room seemed so much larger. It didn’t take long to realize the transformation – she had painted the beams in her living room! Although she faced some criticism for this decision, I was all for it. I painted the beams in my own living room so I knew the impact it made. Shannon’s beams weren’t the textured, rough-hewn variety that commands attention online; they were simpler, and their dark color made the space feel constricted. Her choice to paint them has breathed new life into the room, and I personally am so glad she made this design decision.

Since our last tour, Shannon has revamped her living room furniture too. Now, there are two slipcovered Ikea sofas with easy-to-wash covers sourced from Amazon – an essential feature considering she shares her home with four lively dogs! And then there’s that chair: a fabulous Facebook Marketplace find for just $25. Drawn to its elegant arms, Shannon had it reupholstered in a perfect shade of green.

But a reader favorite when we’ve toured Shannon’s home is this stunning hutch in her living room. This statement piece houses a curated collection of dishes and vintage finds that she refreshes either seasonally or when a new thrifted gem is added to her trove. Among these treasures, you’ll invariably spot a bunny. Shannon has a penchant for collecting them and although she shared she’s reached her limit, she admits she can’t resist adding a hare when she finds one because they’re more rare. Did you know there’s a distinction between bunnies and hares?


Many of the newer pieces in Shannon’s home were acquired with her next house in mind, yet they fit seamlessly into this space. Take the upholstered bench in the dining room, for example. A gift from a friend, Shannon had it reupholstered with a distinctive block print fabric from Hobby Lobby. Complementing this bench is her beautiful white table, spacious enough to accommodate family and friends alike. And, as always, she has an impeccable touch when it comes to styling, evident in the artful arrangement of fresh-cut flowers that graces the table.


The kitchen has seen the most transformations in Shannon’s home. When they encountered a leak, they took it as a chance to make some aesthetic changes. This included removing the peninsula and introducing a breathtaking island. Shannon envisioned this piece as resembling a piece of furniture, but with the added countertop, it became highly functional. Beneath the island, she displays her collection of white dishes. When asked if she’d have room for this collection in her new home, Shannon cheekily replied, “Just wait,” accompanied by a sly grin. Spoiler alert: her new home boasts an array of gorgeous custom-built ins, all set to showcase Shannon’s serving-ware.


The primary bedroom received a refresh with a new bed and wallpaper. Initially, wallpaper wasn’t in the plan. However, when the bed arrived with a hue closer to the wall color, they chose a white floral-print wallpaper to highlight the bed. I absolutely love the pairing of the two.

We have never shared Shannon’s primary bathroom because it was never complete. She recently renovated the space and I’d say it was worth the way. The stunning soaker tub with the gold faucet feels like an invitation to a spa day at home. I love the tile choices and the character in the vanity. So classic but elevated!


Shannon has gradually transformed her home’s exterior. Boasting white paint, thoughtful landscaping choices, and styled vignettes featuring vintage finds, the expansive covered porch beckons you to relax and soak in the ambiance. As you lounge, the sight of peach trees and a quaint white barn – the inspiration behind her Instagram handle – offers a picturesque view.


We concluded our video at Shannon’s new home, which she is currently renovating. I was amazed at the rapid progress she’s made with this house. She’s opened up areas that were previously closed off, added an addition for the primary bedroom, and, during our visit, the new custom built-ins throughout the house were being installed.

When asked about the best renovation tips, Shannon emphasized the importance of hiring the right contractor. However, another equally vital piece of advice she shared was leaning on friends during the renovation journey. She pondered the decision of hiring a designer but realized the invaluable support friends offer. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been overwhelmed at the tile store, close to tears, and a call to a friend who’s been through it all turned everything around,” Shannon shared. Friends provide the candid feedback and emotional support that a professional designer, no matter how skilled, might not always be able to offer unless they truly become your friend during the process.

I hope you enjoyed these tours as much as we have! Both homes are a testament to Shannon’s incredible eye for detail and her penchant for crafting spaces that feel both elevated and inviting. As we’ve taken you on this tour of her current home and given a sneak peek into her next project, we hope you feel as inspired as we are by her journey. Here’s to the countless design adventures that await Shannon, and to all of you embarking on your own. Happy designing friends!

Follow Shannon on Instagram here and make sure you watch the full video tour if you haven’t yet.

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