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We are so excited to share another home tour featuring the home of interior designer and owner of My Favorite Room in McKinney, Texas, Kathy McCabe. Her design style is all about creating spaces that make you feel calm and relaxed. She achieves this by using color palettes that are inspired by nature, and her home is the perfect example of this approach. It’s elevated, timeless, and super inviting!

As we take you through a tour of her stunning home, we’ll highlight some of the key design elements that make it so special. Get ready to be inspired by the gorgeous details and thoughtful design choices that make this home a true masterpiece.

Formal Living

When Kathy and her husband first bought their home, it was a square box that was painted the color of a banana. But you’d never guess that now when you walk into their beautiful formal living room. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door, and you’ll quickly notice how effortlessly the style flows from room to room.

Despite its stunning design, the formal living room doesn’t get much use in their home. As Kathy puts it, they’re more casual livers who prefer spending time in the family room near the backyard. But honestly, can you imagine a better spot for sipping your morning coffee and reading a book? It’s a dreamy oasis that you won’t want to leave.


We love a good spindle chair! We don’t have the source of these stunning chairs in Kathy’s home but we have rounded up some we love from online!


As you enter the formal living room and turn left, you’ll come across Kathy’s beautiful office. The space just oozes creativity, and I couldn’t help but imagine all the stunning design projects that must have been dreamed up in this spot.

One thing that caught my eye was the way Kathy layered a bench in front of the cabinets. It’s an unconventional layout, but it works so well! The whole space just flows effortlessly and feels like the perfect place to let your creative juices flow.

Dining Room

Kathy’s dining room is an absolute treasure trove of design inspiration. There are so many unique ideas and unexpected elements that come together to create a truly stunning space.

For starters, there are the vintage doors that frame the case opening, which add a touch of rustic charm. Then there’s Kathy’s meat dome collection, which is styled in a way that’s both eye-catching and unexpected. Who would have ever thought of meat domes as a wall decor! Great designers think outside of the box!

But one of my favorite design elements in the room is the vintage piece that’s functioning as a buffet, complete with a big mirror that helps to open up the space and draws your eye towards the stairs. You really can never go wrong with a good mirror!


As you move from the dining room into the kitchen, you’re greeted by a space that’s overflowing with character and charm. Kathy has done an incredible job of making her functional pieces, like dishes and cups, feel like part of the decor.

But the real standout feature in the kitchen has to be the island. It’s a treasure-hunted piece that Kathy and her husband have made even more functional by running electrical through one of the legs to add a bread warmer on the side closest to the sink. Talk about ingenuity! It just goes to show that where there’s a will, there’s a way to make even the most unexpected design elements work.


I love these gorgeous pendants. I rounded up a couple online that have the same look.

Family Room

I will be dreaming of this room for the rest of my life. When you scroll through the photos of this space, you’ll understand why I’m not exaggerating.

The first thing that catches your eye when you walk into the room are the stunning ceilings, featuring pecky cypress planks. This application brings in so much warmth and texture, and it’s clear that every detail was carefully thought out. Pecky cypress isn’t a very common species of wood, but man, is it beautiful! Kathy’s son owns a contraction company called Mosaic Building Co and took on this amazing project.

In addition to the breathtaking ceilings, this room is packed with gorgeous neutral layers that make it feel incredibly cozy. From the plush sofa to the textured rug and accent chairs, every element is perfectly elevated and inviting.

One of the most unique features in the space are the antique French lockers that have been recessed back into the wall. One of them holds the TV, while the other serves as a pantry! And can we talk about how perfectly the doors on these lockers match the vintage laundry door? It’s details like this that really make a room feel cohesive and special.


My favorite thing about Kathy’s living room is the texture. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite home accents to add cozy texture.

This room is right off the living room and is where Kathy and her family enter the home. It doesn’t look like a typical mudroom but has that function for the family. I could see myself hanging out in this beautiful nook!

Primary Bedroom

Talk about serene! The primary bedroom is big for a home this age. I love the mirrors over the nightstand that make the room feel even bigger. Some would say dishes displayed on the wall belong in a dining or kitchen but Kathy proves you wrong with this stunning display in the bedroom. If there are design rules they should be broken because the unexpected surprises are what make design so special.


The upstairs is packed with whimsical spots for the grandkids! At the top of the stairs you’re greeted by a little reading nook. Kathy said her grand daughter asked for a stage and all you have to do to make that happen is toss the pillows and cushion on the floor and hand her a microphone.

The next bedroom has two antique hospital beds. They are so cute! Then the nursery with the sweet crib and bunnies on the wall.

Powder Bath

And this powder bath! Wallpaper on the walls AND on the ceiling make for a stunning design moment. I asked if Kathy had tips on mixing wallpaper patterns and she said these papers were from the same manufacturer so they were printed in the same dye lot to make sure colors watched! This is a helpful tip!

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