Welcoming Cottage Farmhouse Tour

Nestled in the heart of town sits a cozy farmhouse cottage. The front porch welcomes guests and bids you come and sit awhile. Once inside, tranquil colors and vintage pieces will make you smile. Typical for it’s era, there is a sitting parlor and grand staircase. Owner, Christi Gates creates an even grander statement with a collection of antique mirrors lining the wall. Christi’s not sure what to call her style. She simply chooses colors and pieces that make her happy and creates a space for family and friends to feel at home.

A bright yellow dining room sits off the crisp white farmhouse kitchen where family comes together. A happy birthday banner still hangs as a remnant from a recent gathering. One of the sweetest things about the house are the well thought of collections, such as vintage clocks or the cabinet filled with quilts, many of which came from Christi’s grandmother. And each treasure has a little story that Christi will share if you ask. Every little nook and cranny has life and meaning and memories. The bathtub is well loved. Christi describes the nightly routine of bath time as her children were growing up.

We found the back porch of this farmhouse cottage as comfy and inviting as the front. It’s not hard to find a room or chair that doesn’t invite you to sit and stay awhile.

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