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We’re so excited to be sharing another home tour. It’s our favorite thing to go out and tour homes to share with you guys. Today we’re sharing The Marrow House, a historic home that is now an Airbnb in Waco, Texas. Two super cool things about this home tour: 1. This is the oldest home we’ve ever toured 2. The Marrow House was a choice on Fixer Upper (Season 5 Episode 1).

I’m warning you, friends, this home will have you ready to book a girl’s trip to Waco.


The Morrow House was the very first home built in the neighborhood of Sanger Heights in 1886. It was built and owned by a man named Jacob Levinski who immigrated to America from Russia with his wife Sarah in 1885. He and his family owned the local jewelry store on Austin Avenue. 

In 2017 the home was weeks from being torn down, but was rescued by designer Amy Normand of The Normand Co. and resurrected by contractor Chuck Walker of Crown Construction. The home is owned by Kimberlee Rodriguez and hosts guests from all over the world as they visit Waco. 

As you continue the tour, space by space, you’ll see details for each room along with shop links for look-a-like products if you are wanting to achieve the Morrow House look in your own home.


We kick off the tour at the entrance of the home which also serves as the dining room. The shiplap makes the statement in the space and is original to the home. During the tour, Kimberlee explained to us that in 1886 when you built a house you’d bring your sawmills and the entire production to your property rather than having finished materials brought to the site like we do today. You can see marks from the sawmill blade on the shiplap. It’s pretty cool seeing such detailing and craftsmanship that has been there for so long.

You also can’t miss Frank Sinatra’s mug shot large on the wall. Most people don’t know that Frank Sinatra has an arrest record and a mugshot to match. The reason for his arrest is maybe even more surprising. The official charge? Seduction 🙊 This made us laugh and think about how different modern days are. I’d never think I’d be inspired to hang a mug shot on my wall, but now I have my eye open for the opportunity.



Now on to the living room! The one statement that is impossible to miss is that gorgeous vintage chandelier. It looks like it’s always been, but it is not original to the house. I love that it adds a splash of glam without going overboard or interfering with the other simple statements in the home.

This is also a great place to point out how beautiful the hardwoods in this home are. During the tour of this historic home, we learned that the hardwoods are not old although they definitely look it. The team came up with a clever solution to making the new floors look old. Rather than laying hardwoods last as you’d typically do in a renovation project, they simply laid the floors first and let the renovation happen on them. This distressed them perfectly and I never would have known they weren’t original.



Now on to the kitchen! What I love about the kitchen most is the height. It makes the space look so much larger than it is. The pendant lights look vintage but are actually from Pottery Barn. I love when new pieces add unique character as if they have a history. Unfortunately, these pendants are discontinued, but I’ve linked some really fun vintage-inspired lights I found online if you’re going for that look.



Each bedroom at the Morrow House is unique, but all of them are perfectly vintage and cozy. I’d have a hard time choosing which one I’d stay in if I had a choice.



This bathroom y’all! The layered mirrors are the first thing that caught my attention. Paired with the vintage sink, this area is one you won’t forget. Kimberlee suggested snapping a photo of baby Quinn in the sink so naturally we spent a lot of time in this bathroom making squeaky baby noises to grab a smile. I’m so glad we did.



I wanted to highlight the guestbook individually because of something so sweet we saw. As you know, quarantine has canceled many events for people. I can’t imagine being a bride during this season. We loved seeing people improvising and using The Morrow House for their weddings with close family and friends. What a special gift to give someone.


Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about the gorgeous exterior and outdoor spaces at The Morrow House. Driving by you will not miss this beauty. The white siding with pops of black in the furniture adds the perfect pop. I could sit on the front porch all day. If you’re ever a guest shoot me a message and invite me for coffee in those rocking chairs, please. It’s so worth the drive!

I warned you…Now you’re off to book a girls trip in Waco aren’t you? 😉 I hope this blog post inspires you for your own home! Thank you Kimberlee for sharing your gorgeous AirBnb with us and letting us get to know you. We’re so excited to be “real life” friends 😋 You can find The Morrow House on Instagram at @TheMorrowHouse.

You can view more home tours by following the link here. If you are interested in being featured on the Farmhouse Living blog with a home tour you can reach out here! We’d love to get to know you.

📷Photos by our amazing staff photographer: Charlee Tabor Photography



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