Artsy Farmhouse Home Tour – A Modern & Eclectic Spin on Farmhouse

I’m so excited to be sharing another home tour with you! It’s extra fun because we shared a home tour with you last week. Home tours never get old so back to back is something we’re excited about. Grab a coffee and get ready to take in every detail while you scroll ☕️

This home is owned by our friend Joanna Duncan. Joanna is a vendor with us at the Rustic Warehouse where she sells her unique decor and is most known for her hand-painted vintage windows. We’re not confused about why the windows are such a hit. When I asked Joanna her style she said ‘Artsy Farmhouse’ and that name couldn’t have fit her home better.


Joanna’s home is a new build just east of Dallas. She built on land with her best friend and they call the land CocoBunny Farms which is a combination of their nicknames. The two friends have been neighbors and moved from home to home together since college.

The modern farmhouse exterior quickly grabs your attention as you drive up the rocky farm road. The mix of horizontal and vertical siding gives extra interest to the all-white exterior. I found the pendant lights on the porch so interesting and fun. I’m sure they are put to good use while sitting in the rocking chairs in the evening on such a perfect patio.

The home is an open concept and has a layout that I’ve been loving lately with the Dining Room located in between the Living Room and Kitchen in perfect view right when you walk in the entry. We saw this layout at our friend Ryan’s Modern Farmhouse Home Tour as well. Follow the link to get more inspiration on this flow in a home.


In photos, you’d never know that this home was new. There is so much character and collected vintage finds that you’d feel like the house has always been. The shiplap over the fireplace has a bit of distressing as if it was uncovered under drywall during a renovation of an old home.

The white walls are the perfect canvas for all the collected finds. Joanna has a bright red Persian rug layered with a well-worn trunk as a coffee table. She mixes a leather sofa with a camelback sofa and a unique mix of accent chairs. On the wall, she’s created a fun gallery wall of collected decor including one of her famous painted windows.


This kitchen is what dreams are made of. Just like the shiplap, the cabinets although new have a vintage flair. Most of the inspiration I see for a two-toned kitchen has been very modern, but she has put a new spin on it with the top cabinets being white and the bottom a dark green tone. The painting under her vent hood looks like it was painted just to go with the color of the bottom cabinets. I should have asked Joanna if she painted it herself.

The major attention grabber in the kitchen is the coffee bar area built with an ornate vintage buffet. This area has so much artsy flair. Inbetween her open shelves is fun patterned wallpaper alternating between each shelf. I’ve been on Pinterest and Instagram for a long time and have never seen this! She highlights the patterns with fun vases, pitchers, and glasses.

Just to the right, Joanna has painted the wall with black paint and florals. She said she was inspired by a nightgown she owns. This statement is so fun and I love that only Joanna has this in her home since it’s hand-painted by her! Next week we’ll be sharing how to create your own hand-painted “wallpaper.” Joanna will be coming over to help us recreate this look in a laundry room. I can’t wait to share the details with you.


As I said before the dining room is placed right in between the living and kitchen and is your first view when you walk in the home. I love the mix of the leather chairs with the floral back host chairs. Having a fun mix of chairs is a fun way to bring flair to your dining space. The ornate ceiling medallion draws your eye up and ties in the black in the kitchen area.

Behind the table, you’ll spot a barn door where Joanna has written words that describe the Lord. This is a special detail that brings a sweet peace in her home.


In Joanna’s master bedroom she has hand-painted her walls as you see in the kitchen. Here she does a repeating pattern similar to wallpaper. Something I loved about this idea is that she can simply paint over the design if she ever wants to change it up whereas removing wallpaper can be a bit of a pain.

She carries the vintage look into her bathroom with the most gorgeous black soaker tub. Next to the tub is layered rugs that are such a fun mix. I’d spend a lot of time here if I were Joanna.


Something that struck me in this home is the importance of words. Words to remind you and inspire you. Words to change your surroundings and praise The One who made you. Joanna’s home inspired me to be intentional about designing with words in my home. In the video tour, she talks about abiding and why the word is in multiple places in her home. She makes many of these word signs right here in this art studio. Just walking in here has me wanting to pull out a paintbrush.

I hope this blog post inspires you to create a home unique to you! If you’ve been itching to do something bold in design here’s your invitation. Want to use a bold patterned wallpaper or maybe paint a mural on your wall? Just do it! The character and artsy flair in Joanna’s Modern Farmhouse make me want to take a risk with my own personality in my home.

Thank you Joanna for sharing your gorgeous home with us and letting us get to know you and your fur babies as well. You can find Joanna on Instagram at

You can view more home tours by following the link here. If you are interested in being featured on the Farmhouse Living blog with a home tour you can reach out here! We’d love to get to know you.

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