Save or Splurge Home Tour – Where We Invested in this Home Remodel

We thought it’d be fun to share where we saved and where we splurged in mom’s home. I’ve seen posts like this giving lists of generally what they suggest splurging and saving on, but I don’t actually believe there’s any hard and fast rules here. I think every home and person calls for unique investments to make it all it can be. Today we’re walking around mom’s house sharing where and why we invested in specific places.



Our first splurge in the living room was the Fitzjames Pendant by Currey and Company. It’s more than what we typically spend on lighting, but we have a few good reasons for the investment. First, we needed a large fixture for this open space with tall ceilings. Large lighting can cost more but makes such an impact. Secondly, we knew this fixture would stand the test of time. The wrought-iron drum style would have gone in the previous styles like Tuscan and will move forward as the farmhouse style evolves. Lastly, we just loved it. When you love something and it fits in the budget it’s a green light to move forward!

Our next splurge was the slipcovered sofas. They were around $2500 each, but they have lasted over 8 years and there are no plans of getting rid of them any time soon. The function was why the investment was worth it for mom. With all the dogs and the grandbaby, there are lots of messes and having washable sofas was a must. Mom puts these in the wash at least once a month, sometimes even weekly depending on how the critters are behaving 😉

The last investment in the living room is the custom artwork behind the leather recliner. We had this commissioned by a local artist named Ariel. Having something that beautiful and tells a story that can be kept forever is so special. We love splurging on talented people!


Basically, all the accessories in this room were places where mom saved. Smaller furniture like accent tables were all under $100. The pillows were all from Etsy and Target around $20 each. For us, rugs are something that has to be cost-effective because they just don’t hold up in our homes with all the pets. Here we have layered rugs that were both under $300 each which is good for rugs this size.

In the video, we put the coffee table in the splurge category, but now that I’m seeing it all together I’d probably call it a save. She found it at a flea market for around $500 which felt like a lot at the time. Now seeing coffee tables similar at Pottery Barn and World Market for around $1000 makes it now a save. Flea markets, thrift stores, and Facebook market place are always great places to find great saves.




Again we splurged on lighting in this room. At the time there wasn’t a ton of gold lantern pendants out there so investing in these Regina Andrews fixtures was the best option to get this look. Today it’s much easier to find lower-cost pendants with this look like these. Sometimes newer trends can be places where you have to invest a bit more.

The hardware was also a place we splurged. We grabbed these handles from Pottery Barn and they make the perfect impact. We don’t always suggest splurging on hardware. but in this specific kitchen, it was worth the splurge.


We also saved on lighting in this kitchen. We found very affordable wall sconces that complimented the pendants. This is a great example of how to mix high and low. These sconces did arrive pretty scratched up on the inside and we ended up painting them white inside to disguise the flaw. Sometimes cheaper options make you work a little harder to get the look.

Other saves were the accessories. Over time mom has collected timeless accessories that are all affordable. The great thing is many of these items she’s had for 10+ years showing that even affordable pieces can last specially items that don’t get daily use.




Again in the dining room, we splurged on lighting. The room was actually divided by a case opening that was originally formal dining and living. We took out the case opening to create one open space and splurged on oversized drum pendants to make the room cohesive.

The next investment was the dining table that was crafted by a friend who is a fireman who does woodworking in his off duty time. We needed something 14 feet long. Like I said we LOVE investing in talented people who create one-of-a-kind things.


The dining room is the first thing you see when you enter our home. And it was what sold us on the house with it’s view of the woods and the lake. I imagined how awesome it would be with a wall of bifold doors leading to the back. However, when they came in between 20 and 30 thousand dollars we decided that was too big of a splurge. The blue velvet panels from ikea were the extreme opposite in savings and we really love the statement they make in the space. The dining chairs were also from Wayfair and at the time were huge savings at 2 for $150. Now, they’re more expensive.

Lastly, we have my brother’s piano that he found on Facebook marketplace for only $50 which was a huge save. We took the cover off to expose the gold guts and hung ironstone platters above it. Facebook marketplace is a great place to save. Sometimes you might even find a free piano that someone is unwilling to move! Tyler plays so it’s a also fun for family time too! 


Overtime splurging and saving gets easier because you’re able to build on purchases from the past. Mom has been collecting things for decades in her home to create a look that make her home special to her. I hope this encourages you to create a home you love over time and splurge on things that make an impact for you!

I’d love to know your favorite splurges and saves in your own home! Comment below.

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  1. This was a terrific post! What a beautiful, comfortable home! The one and only thing I don’t adore is the mirror over the fireplace. It appears to be too small (short) and the finish doesn’t complement the rustic wood mantle. I totally concur about splurging on lighting. Nothing else makes such an impact in your home be it 1200 square feet or 12,000!

  2. Can you talk about your appliances? I’m wondering specifically about your Kucht range and if you shopped around for appliance packages. Thanks

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