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Is the Farmhouse style dead? Will it go out of style soon? Today we’re going to talk about the farmhouse style and where we see it going in the future and what we might be MOOOOving on from 🐄 😉

First I’d like to say my concern with even flirting with the idea of calling a design style dead is that it sends people into design paralysis because they’re nervous by the time their home is complete it will all be out of style. We’re going to focus on how to design in a way that will last and take the best parts of every design style.


Let’s talk about one of the design trends before farmhouse—Tuscan. Recall the faux finish walls and wrought-iron everything. The Tuscan style was super popular in the early 2000s.

Many would say that design style is dead, but there are elements of it being incorporated today. Today we still see old-world touches like rustic beams, clay tiles, rough stone, and antique rugs with pops of reds which were super popular in the Tuscan design style. Many would call this style Mediterranean or even European Farmhouse today.

So we kept the best parts of that style and kicked the rest to the curb. I feel like that’s what is happening to the farmhouse style.


With the OG take on the farmhouse look we saw so much cliche decor being used like cheesy word art, farm animals on everything and all things galvanized. These types of accents stole sophistication from any design and don’t give the true essence of farmhouse. We felt comfortable naming our business and blog farmhouse not because we loved these accents that much, but because of the spirit of the farmhouse style.


Farmhouse style will continue because it’s a nod to a simpler time. Farmhouses were originally built quite literally as a shelter for farmers. The materials used to build a home were wood and stone that was cleared for the fields. Much of farm life is spent outdoors, so the farmhouse was primarily a place for rest and cooking. This is why the floorplans are simple and functional, with the kitchen/family space centrally located, surrounded by bedrooms. Simply put, creating a warm and restful place with organic materials that come from the earth will never go out of style.



Nature is truly timeless. When we review styles that have passed the elements that have continued to move forward while others have faded are things that inspired by nature. Materials like wood, stone, marble, clay, and plants will always be in style. We see these elements in the farmhouse style.

In the video, we shared mom’s fireplace as an example. I believe it falls in the farmhouse style, but when trends change it will stay. She used austin stone and did a mortar wash with white mortar and white sand.

The next example was our new friend Jessica’s home with the beams and quartzite accents she used in her kitchen. The beams themselves were actually brought from an 1800’s farmhouse. She gave her sink a quartzite apron giving a nod to the traditional farmhouse sink.


Board & Batten, Shiplap, Wainscotting, Wallpaper. All accents you’d see in a true farmhouse. Now, we’ve learned that you can take a good thing too far. We’ve seen this with shiplap, but done right it still adds a touch of character to a room.

A great example is the shiplap at The Morrow House. The home was built in the late 1800’s and the shiplap is original to the house. This element adds so much character and will never go out of style. You can never go wrong with embarrassing history.

Shiplap doesn’t always have to be used in the traditional way. We love seeing it add visual interest in a really simple way running it vertically on a fireplace, a statement wall or even a backsplash in the kitchen. Our friend Lindsey did it really well on her fireplace and defends the honor of shiplap really well 😋 So to all you shiplap haters, keep an open mind because it can make a huge impact on a space and it’s not going anywhere.


Another part of the Farmhouse style that makes it timeless is neutral tones. A neutral backdrop is always a good idea in design. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t have pops of color and fun accents.

Every home tour we’ve ever shared on the blog has a neutral wall color in their design, but I thought our friend Joanna’s home was a great example of how to be neutral and add pops of color. Keeping all your foundation pieces neutral and layering in pieces that are really easy to rotate out is great since bolder items are typically the first things to go in a design trend.


Farmhouse is synonymous with vintage and antique finds. Even if you’re like us and love a modern farmhouse, bringing these pieces in makes a house a home. Furniture and decor that tell a story will never go out of style.

Our friend Michele of Vintage Home Designs has such a gift for this. Her home is filled with treasures that she can keep for a lifetime as trends and styles change.

Another good treasure hunter is our friend Shannon! She’s got an eye for the good stuff and these pieces are truly timeless.


When we think about farmhouse traditionally it was a very simple home. Everything was practical and not much fuss. When farmhouse the style took off it was quite the opposite of this. Clutter and decor EVERYWHERE. Word art and all the fuss you could squeeze on one wall. Today that piece of the farmhouse style is gone and we’re creating impactful focal points in a room.


Farmhouse mixes well with other styles. Farmhouse style is a classic look that serves as a foundation for many other trends. Mixing styles adds interest and a more personal touch. The blend of farmhouse with coastal, mid century modern, cottage or any other style, is easy and fun. We have an entire video and blog on mixing styles if you want to see fun examples of this.


We don’t believe the farmhouse style is going anywhere because of all the key elements that are timeless. Different trends will come and be paired with the farmhouse feel, but farmhouse is here to stay. Do you agree? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments? What’s your favorite farmhouse characteristic?


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  1. I love this! This is a good list. I think the reason some of those “farmhouse decorations” are not here to stay is because they aren’t authentic. Putting up a sign that says “Farmhouse” doesn’t make a house a farmhouse anymore than putting up an “M” makes it a McDonald’s. I think people are drawn to the true farmhouse style for all the reasons it’s here to stay: it’s rooted in history, has character, light and bright, functional, natural, textured, down-to-earth and simple. Many people just tried to “get the look” the best way they could with signs, cows and chicken items that really have nothing to do with the actual farmhouse style or what attracted them in the first place. And those are the things that are not probably here to stay. The items on your list are true and timeless for any style in any location.

  2. Probably makes no difference and probably no one cares, but I was raised on a farm and my dad sold weaning pigs. I have some in my kitchen because they represent a time
    in my life that was very special, not
    because of any "trend." Also, not very many pieces, but I do have some galvanized things. I am 76 and finally able to have my small apartment as I like, so while I am not an authority like
    you, my things are staying. It’s home.

  3. Personally I’m so bored with “farm house” decorating. Every house looks the same; white couch, fake distressed rug, simple wrought iron lighting and those shaker cabinets. Everyone has the same style. I look forward to it going out of style. I’m sure real farmers living in an authentic farm house are making fun of the city slickers trying to emulate his homes. Bring back color, ditch the grey walls.

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