Farmhouse Style Christmas Tour – Dining Room

Good morning, friends.

Yes, you read that title right. It’s time for a Christmas house tour! Christmas Christmas time is here! The transition from fall decor into the holidays can feel pretty chaotic. The seasons seem to come so quickly it becomes a challenge to take it all in and enjoy what each season has to offer. This is why we made an effort to decorate as effortlessly as possible this year—really taking in all our favorite parts of the season from the white pumpkins this fall to the freshly cut evergreen branches and boxwood wreaths this Christmas.

Our goal with this little tour is to share easy ideas for simplifying the hustle and bustle of the holidays and creating a cozy, inviting home that is the perfect backdrop to create beautiful holiday memories with your loved ones.

We’ll start with the dining room sharing our favorite ideas for a whimsical Christmas tablescape. You won’t find a lot of bright reds and greens in our holiday decor, but you will find plenty of soft layers, cozy neutrals, and Christmas spirit sprinkled throughout the house. The greens you’ll find are mostly fresh cut evergreen from my backyard. Throw some white ornaments on top and this $5 arrangement is magazine ready!

We put our large (actually giant) Christmas Trees Sign on the wall in front of the table to be the statement in this otherwise neutral space. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door and I LOVE IT.

The chargers are actually wood cut from our backyard. When my parents moved in there were tons of trees that needed to cleared out. We’ve now used it for tons of fun projects like this and even used them for center pieces in my wedding!

On the buffet behind the dining table we put a couple small neutral colored trees along with our Silver Champagne Wreath. I love the way it all goes together! 

This simple look is WAY easier than it looks. Cheers to a new Holiday Season!


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