My Favorite Farmhouse Instagrammers to Inspire You

I have a love hate relationship with Instagram. I LOVE that it’s full of inspiring people sharing amazing things. I HATE that it screen sucks you into hours of distraction and causes you to feel like you don’t measure up. I want to preface this post by saying that whether you’re in an apartment or a gorgeous farmhouse, you are ENOUGH. Check yourself before you scroll through your feed and remind yourself to be INSPIRED.

Enough with my pep-talk that I’m mostly giving to myself . Today I want to share my favorite Farmhouse Instagrammers that inspire me! These women are doing Farmhouse WELL and are definitely influencers you will want to follow.

Lauren from Farmhouse for Four

Y’all…Lauren’s house is just pure farmhouse goodness. If you love farmhouse then her home is probably your dream. It’s just as amazing inside as it is outside. Literally every thing she share is beautiful. Hey Lauren, will you come down to Rowlett and build me a farmhouse? 

Nelly Friedel

I stumbled upon Nelly’s instagram when I launched our Farmhouse Living Instagram. We’ve hosted a fun giveaway together and she is so inspiring AND sweet. You can tell all the details are thought out so well, from the scroll with Acts 2:66 to the painted church pew in her entry. It’s all SO GOOD. Nelly recently bought a new house and I can’t wait to see the way she decorates it.

Liz Marie Galvan

I thought about not sharing this one because I was SURE everyone already knows about Liz Marie. I mean she’s seriously AMAZING. I decided to share after my friend Charlee told me she had never heard of her before, so just to ensure everyone knows about Liz Marie I included her.

Lauren McBride

Lauren doesn’t only have great home style, but she has awesome fashion taste as well. Her feed will have you like holy shiplap. There’s so much pretty white goodness.

Jessica from The Rustic Pallet

Jessica is a mom who loves coffee, baking, farmhouse decor and the color mint. How amazing is the color of that door? I also have an obsession with her tile. Jessica inspires me to take risks in home decor. Pick the brighter color if you love it. Pick the bold patterned tile if it’s your style. Choose what YOU LOVE.

I hope these women inspire you as much as they inspire me! I love that each style is unique, but equally beautiful. Do you have favorite Instagrammers or Bloggers? I’d love to hear about who inspires you. Be sure to comment below or tell us on Instagram.

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  1. So sad they’re not friends anymore. Looks like social media and being popular on Instagram ruined a truly great friendship. They unfollowed each other a while back!

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