TV Over Fireplace Inspiration – Well Styled Mantels

Here you’ll find amazing inspiration for TVs over fireplaces in every style from modern to cottage and farmhouse and from Frame TVs to TVs with DIY accents.

This week we’ve been styling our own mantels and while we were on the topic thought it would be a great time to share inspiration with TVs over the mantel. We haven’t always been the biggest fans of TVs over fireplaces, but the home tours we’ve shared on the blog have convinced us that they can be stunning and functional. Scroll for our favorite TV over fireplace inspiration from our home tours!


When the room is as beautiful as this a simple framed TV over the mantle is all you need. I love that the family photo was used here to really personalize the space. And a touch of greenery to bring even more life.


The Frame TV in Jessicas room is mounted to shiplap leading up to the vaulted ceilings and is perfect simply flanked by candlesticks. The winter scene above the cozy fire fits so well!


Jennie’s modern fireplace was made for a modern framed TV. The see-through firebox looking into the backyard is incredible. It brings the outdoors in and so what is more appropriate than a scene of trees for framed art!


This is one of our favorites. Just the grand statement of the framed TV atop vertical shiplap! The fireplace surround is overstated and is another perfect frame for a warm and cozy fire!


Stephanie doesn’t have a framed TV. But we love how she accents the TV with the architectural element over the top. Again the mantle is simply dressed with candlesticks and this room is complete. Your eye is drawn up and fireplace is the star of the show!


Here we have another instance where Shannon uses architectural accents and candlesticks to create a masterpiece around her TV over the mantle. The TV is not framed but traditionally but is perfectly framed by beautiful things.


How about a faux frame above this mantle. Framed TV’s can be more expensive but I love the large gold frame that Mattie DIY’d herself. There are several tutorials online now explaining the process. It looks fairly easy. We might even do one ourselves.


Tabitha is an amazing artist. So it only makes sense she would use a piece of art above the mantle. And it’s so amazing and homey you would never know this is a fireplace in an RV. You also wouldn’t guess this is a framed TV with a picture light above!


We rounded up our favorite art for FrameTVs including a bonus one if you’re in the mood for a little humor! Click the icons on each piece to shop.

We hope you enjoyed our inspiration round up for TVs over fireplace mantels. They really can be stunning and functional with thought of the design. We love to hear from you in the comments!

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