The Most Pinteresting Things this Month – May

Raise your hand if you LOVE Pinterest! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I could scroll for days. It’s my favorite place to stumble upon the best inspiration. This is why I’m excited to share a new series on the Farmhouse Living blog called Best of Pinterest. This is where we’ll be sharing the photos that are trending on our boards! I hope you find an idea or two to incorporate into your own home! If you aren’t already, make sure to follow along!


I’ve shared this inspiration photo on our Instagram before and I’m not shocked it’s trending on our Pinterest board for Bathroom Inspiration. It’s not so common to see character added to a home in a more modern way and Leanne Ford did just that with these arched doors leading to the bathroom. We’re glad to have these doors filed in our inspiration for future projects!


I have a friend that I’m helping with her boy’s room and this immediately inspired me. Amber Interiors killed it on this adorable bunk room for kids. I love the orange tones!


This bedroom is the definition of minimalism, but it makes such a statement. One thing I see with our clients is that they just have too much stuff. They continue to try to ‘complete’ a space by adding more when often times exactly what it needs is less. I think that’s why this photo is so popular. It’s a great example of what people are looking for.


My favorite part about this kitchen by Salt Coastal Interiors is the backsplash behind the oven/stove top! The gray veining immediately caught my eye. This marble mixed with a simple white paneling brings a balance of sophistication and simplicity. Definitely the best of both worlds.


Another stunning white kitchen makes the debut of most Pinteresting this month! I love the shiplap island with the natural wood cabinet with glass doors. I’m not typically into the shine like this backsplash has, but I’m loving what Bria Hammel Interiors has done here.


I love the neutrals in this living room! And can we talk about that tree—a Ficus Audrey. When I was out in Dallas the other day at the green house I saw one and thought about how this is the next Fiddle Leaf Fig. I’m not typically one to call out upcoming trends, but how could we not love them!

We have a lot of fun projects coming up so you know we’re digging into the wealth of inspiration Pinterest has to offer. If you aren’t already, follow along with us as we pin our favorites!

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