Post-Christmas Winter Decor Ideas

If you’re like us then you love to change your home up often so you’re probably already taking down Christmas decor thinking about what you’re going to do for winter.


While deciding how to take on home decor this winter, we look to nature. Nature naturally strips back. Leaves have fallen, there is less color, other than lush evergreen that adds texture to an otherwise bare backdrop.


This is a great time to pear down and look at what you really love in your home. I love white space. Especially after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The clean, white and more minimal look helps me refocus and get ready for the new year! It’s also a fun way to reintroduce old pieces in a fresh setting. For example, we used a dough bowl that is usually in the dining room, above the TV to display a set of snowshoes. The snowshoes came down but we decide to add a few potted staghorn ferns in their place and leave the dough bowl there for a while. The art that I took down to add Christmas decor might find a new home as well. I love adding new pieces and switching old pieces around. Over the buffet in the breakfast, the letter board got a new quote. I would love to have piece of art there in the future. But I’m happy with the easy transition from Christmas decor with these simple changes for now!


This is a great time to keep it cozy. Blankets, Throw and Pilllows refresh a space. I have to admit I’m a cozy blanket addict. I can usually restrain myself from overbuying an item. However, I’ve been having trouble in the throw and even pillow department the last few years. Because even in a minimal setting it brings adds the warmth that makes a house a home!


These are the easiest ways to refresh your decor seasonally. Stems are easy to store or just cut from outside as the seasons turn. I knew I wanted to bring in some floral arrangements as well. Flowers and stems always add life and bring cheer to a home! Since it’s winter we continued to use all the familiar elements like evergreen and berries. The floral arrangements pop with all white roses and hydrangeas. I’m loving black vases with and pottery right now. We found some at Target and Hobby Lobby this year. They’re moody and earthy, and look great with all things winter!


Pine cones last from early fall all the way to spring. I love a large bowl of pinecones with a few springs of evergreen just about anywhere! I used them in the floral arrangement for the coffee table. BTW, by the time I took Christmas down, our local florist was closed, so I went to Hobby Lobby to get a few roses for my centerpiece. The great news is, these will last until the season is over. And the mix of pinecones with the faux actually gives a more natural appearance. I added some flocked pinecones with some fresh stems to the mantle as well. So don’t put those pinecones away with Christmas, let them linger all winter long!


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Muted blues & greens mixed in with all the neutrals as you see in nature. My neutral sofas are the perfect backdrop for creating a whole new room. A navy throw with white and navy really pop. We’ve used gray, black and white, creams and tans. Every combination looks unique. Sometimes I look back at pictures to see which color combos are my favorite. I also look at fun new pillow trends to dream about what I’ll do next. I kept the neutral and blue color palette for this winter refresh.

The Christmas decor and the main tree were all put back in the attic but we actually left the flocked tree up in the dining room. We also had a little fun naming the guest room the Christmas room this year! So naturally, we left the evergreen up there too! We did remove all the ornaments and love the way it looks. Help us decide if you think it should stay up! Maybe a little Christmas spirit should be carried through all year long!

I can’t wait to hear what you think about our winter decor and how you take on the season. Make sure to share in the comments. We love to hear from you. Also, be sure to watch our YouTube video while we undecorate for Christmas.

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