Faux Fireplace Inspiration

Today we’re excited to share the addition of our faux fireplace in our living room as well as a round-up of amazing inspiration of more faux fireplaces I’ve found online.

A hearth makes a house a home! So what do you do when your home doesn’t have a fireplace? If you have the budget you can add a gas line or purchase an electric firebox. If not, you can build something faux. We wanted to add some character with a vintage mantle to my new home, but the cost of adding a gas line isn’t the first priority for the updates in the home. We found the most magical and perfect mantle on a trip to Canton Flea Market. The next step was figuring out how to install.

We found inspiration from the cover of a Serena and Lily catalog. This helped us to see we needed to actually build out a box inside the wall for a more realistic look. At some point, we might add an electric firebox from a DIY blog we found where they really did it right! So we took measurements from the box online and made the box to size! This way when we decide to install the firebox it will be ready. We took more inspiration for the herringbone brick and design elements from several others we loved.

If you want to see more from our new home we have a Pre-Renovation Home Tour and recently released a Mid-Renovation Home Tour.

INSPIRATION 1: @LizMarieGalvan

Of course, we were inspired by Liz Marie. The simplicity of the white vintage mantle along with the white shiplap walls was the dreamy feel we were going for. We love how she perfectly styled with art and greenery. We also love the interesting ways that she always styles the faux firebox. The candelabra has the character to go along with the European farmhouse style mantle. This is one of two faux fireplaces by Liz Marie we’re sharing. They add so much interest to her cozy white cottage home!

The second of Liz Marie’s faux fireplace is also a vintage mantle. The bit of chippy white paint on the raw weathered wood is so perfect! This room styled with an anthropology mirror was the inspiration we needed for our mantle. Liz Marie does faux mantles just right!


The herringbone brick on @CamiTidBit’s fireplace was our inspiration for the firebox. The herringbone pattern just draws your eye in and adds the texture desired. Again the simple wood-filled box staged in place of the fire gives the feel and warmth of the real thing. This mantle is the perfect element to go under a Frame TV. And the fun part of the Frame TV is the art can change for every season and mood.

INSPIRATION 3: @HomeChapters

White done right! We love how @homechapters staged this very simply with white art. The box framed mantle feels classic and adds an air of sophistication to the space. The firebox painted out black gives the illusion of a real wood burning fireplace. And if I had not read it I might have believed it was an actual wood burning fireplace.

INSPIRATION 4: @DeeplySouthernHome

The wood frame molding to the molding surround, everything about this fireplace is character infused and full of class and style! Again the perfect backdrop for a Frame TV. We took inspiration from the base of this fireplace and added concrete blocks for ours. We painted the concrete white to give a cohesive and more realistic feel. Clean lines styled with collected blue pottery, along with the sconces bring the southern charm. And we love how @deeplysouthernhome added more pottery and a big beautiful fern in the firebox! Such fun inspiration!

INSPIRATION 5: @TheHoneyCombHome

Arches are in style and there’s no shortage on style in this faux fireplace. The vintage French mantle looks perfectly at home styled with antique fire tools. Sometimes you can use different materials or angles to give the illusion of a real firebox and the black painted brick surrounded by the marble definitely works to do just that!

INSPIRATION 6: @Toni_Marianna

We’re not sure if Toni Mariana’s fireplace is faux. If it is then that’s how well it’s been done! LOL We love the oversized mantle that gives room for a large vase of flowers. The Anthropology mirror paired with gold candlesticks were again an inspiration for us. We think the unique design of this fireplace is perfect!


We shared lots of faux fireplaces with vintage elements since that’s the look we went with, but we also wanted to share ones with a modern look. Christine of @forthehome has a modern flair to her fireplace with more vintage elements like ceiling beams and shiplap. She shares the details in a dedicated highlight on her Instagram.

INSPIRATION 8: @Nest.Out.West

I love the simplicity of this fireplace from @nest.out.west. I love how she styled the firebox with plants similar to the fern in the fireplace from @deeplysouthernhome.

INSPIRATION 9: @TheMerryThought

I also love this faux fireplace from @themerrythought. I love how it’s so simple and makes a big statement!

If you want to see the other updates we made in the new house other than the faux fireplace you can watch the video below.

I hope you enjoyed our inspiration and you take on a project to add character to your own home! It’s projects like this that show that even with a small budget you can create a beautiful home. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.


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  1. I’m so inspired by everything you and your mom do. However I liked the minimalist look you had going on minus the fireplace. I think the space is way too crowded. I’m a big fan of yours looking forward to more projects.

  2. I’m so inspired by everything you and your mom do. However I liked the minimalist look you had going on minus the fireplace. I think the space is way too crowded. I’m a big fan of yours looking forward to more projects.

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