Christmas Past Home Tour Edition – Christmas Year’s Reviewed

Over the past 3 years, mom and I have shared over 20 Christmas home tours on our blog and YouTube channel between our own homes and friends’ homes. We thought it would be fun to go through the tours to share our favorite inspiration for you to apply to your own home this season. We’re going to go through each of these very fast, but we’ll link to the full tour of all of these if you want to dig deeper into the inspiration! What I love about all these homes is they’re completely different but have inspiration that can overlap and be put together beautifully.


First, let’s talk about mom’s home over the past 4 years and compare. We’ve changed it up every year. The first year we did red, then in 2019 we did blue, 2020 repeated the blue with a little twist and then this year we went cozy and neutral. Mom usually decides her theme or colors from an inspiration photo she’s seen on Pinterest or Instagram. One idea usually sparks a vision for Christmas throughout!

2018 was the first year in the Touch Gold house. We used pops of bright red everywhere. The mantel had vintage red books and the couches had fun red pillows. Christmas was done on a budget since the home needed a full renovation. But it was merry and bright and we loved the simplicity of it all!

In 2019 we decided to do an ornament swap. The red ornaments and accessories went to my 1960’s ranch and mom’s home took on a refresh with navy ornaments. Again, the home was in process so we kept it pretty simple. Our main foundation for decorating throughout the seasons is to bring nature in, florals and greenery through spring and summer, evergreen and pinecones through fall and winter. The great thing about the home on Touch Gold is it backs up to a nature preserve filled with evergreen and cypress trees so fresh greenery is in abundance every year!

In 2020 we mixed the blue with opaque ornaments. We added quite a bit of gold. And of course fresh and faux garlands everywhere! The beauty of the nature-inspired Christmas is it’s ok to put it up early in October and leave up through January and it doesn’t grow old.

2021 was a new theme entirely. We call this cozy cabin feel Christmas. We found an inspiration photo from Pinterest that used a vintage deer mount with an oversized garland for the mantle. That sparked the rest of the design. We thrifted some vintage snowshoes and kept the overall color cozy neutrals. This might be our favorite year in Touch Gold yet!


Let’s talk about Amber of @theValeHouse. We toured her Christmas home last year. She also has a cozy cabin vibe with her deer, so I thought it’d be a good idea to kick it off with her since that flows with what we did this year. When I was browsing through inspiration one thing that I was inspired by was her kitchen and how she put letters that spelled out NOEL on the back of her bar stools. They look so great with her kitchen pendants that I’m CRAZY about!


The next Christmas design I want to talk about is our friend Michele of @VintageHomeDesigns. This one is for vintage lovers. She has a touch of french country but her unique style is that she is 100% neutral. Even her trees are cream! It’s her signature style. You’ll see splashes of green stems from nature but the foundation is completely neutral. One thing I loved was the greenery on her staircase. She didn’t make a garland but simply put individual stems on the railing. I thought this was so clever and stunning.


We’ve done 2 Christmas tours of @BloomingIvyLane! Stephanie and her family have recently sold the home but we are confident their new home will be amazing! We love the charm of Stephanie’s Christmas. The secret is her love for estate sales. We can actually thank Stephanie for sharing this love with us! We are always surprised at the way Stephanie brings Christmas into every space. Even the garden boxes outside were transformed into a tiny Christmas tree farm. The outdoor spaces are transformed with farm tables and Christmas trees everywhere. Inside and out you are inspired by the welcoming, warm, even playful design. We can’t wait to see Stephanie’s new home when it’s complete!


The next Christmas I’m sharing is our friend Shannon of @mylittlewhitebarn_. Her Christmas is collected. You’ll find fun little vignettes throughout. There is a collection of vintage mirrors, gingerbread houses, nutcrackers, and beautiful Christmas red plates! A collected Christmas comes easy for Shannon because she loves to treasure hunt! Shannon has a way of putting things together and we love touring Shannons, especially at Christmastime!


We’ve gone to Monika’s home every Christmas since 2017. This is the quintessential Christmas home! It perfectly represents everything we love about Christmas! Not only is the home’s exterior the perfect shade of red, but the family has a Christmas tradition of dinner in the stables every year. There is thoughtful attention to every detail and too many details to mention here. You can actually enter the home through the stables and immediately your eyes are drawn up to the Christmas tree which hangs from the ceiling throughout the entire year! Every year there is a gingerbread replica of the home on the bar. And no one is left out because even the chicken coup gets a Christmas makeover! The warmth of the home and Monika’s love for hosting brings us back every Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas Home Tour inspiration round up! This is our favorite time of year to visit other’s homes and admire their creativity and hospitality. I’d love to hear in the comments what inspiration you love.

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