How to Style a Fireplace Mantel

Today we’re styling our mantels and sharing our best tips to giving your own mantel a refresh.

What we love most about a mantel is that you can change it often whether it be seasonally or just a quick weekend freshen. I was going through our photos and I can’t even count how often mom has updated her mantel. Changing it makes such a huge impact on a small budget because it’s often the focal point of a room.


When we moved in this home four years ago the firebox was not working so we removed the Austin stone, plumbed the gas and put in a new firebox and chimney. Our contractor had the box installed much higher than I requested so the idea of a hearth for seating was not going to look right. Repositioning the box was a big deal so we simply poured a concrete pad and found poufs for seating in front of a cozy fire on a cold day!

We repurposed the old Austin stone but gave it a fresh clean look by doing a German Smear technique using white sand and white mortar. The mantel came from some old barn beams we were gifted. This is my favorite fireplace we’ve ever had. We have styled it with several different mirrors in the time we’ve lived here, arched, round, and rectangular. It’s amazing how a simple change can transform a mantel to give it a whole new feel.


We started our mantel refresh with the mirror that was used prior to holiday updates. With the addition of a new set of candlesticks and a vase, the look is completely updated. With a couple of sets of candlesticks, vases, and mirrors there are endless possibilities for your mantel.


We decided to swap the mirror out for art to show you what we mean. Even leaving the same accessories of candlesticks and stems in place it looks like a whole new fireplace!



If you followed our story of adding a fireplace to this newly remodeled family room, you know how happy Shelby is to finally have a mantel to style. This is her first home with a mantel. This is a faux fireplace but the mantel was built out and a firebox was cut into the wall so it appears to be real. Maybe someday Shelby can convert it but for now, it gives the look and feel she was going for!

We wanted to style it in keeping with the home’s cottage vibe. We found an amazing mirror at an estate sale perfect for the look we were going for. We decided to strip the mirror with a technique we saw on Instagram using Easy Off. You won’t believe the before and after on the color of this mirror. We added a wood bowl filled with stems that we also found at an estate sale. The art was a piece we found in a local vendor mall.



I decided to create 3 mantel looks for you to shop if you are on the hunt for a mantel refresh. From more modern to a cottage feel, these are items I think would be great for a timeless fireplace.


I hope this post was helpful to create a fireplace mantel you love and feel inspired to change as often as you feel! I would love to know if you have any tips for mantel styling in the comments below.

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