How to Transform a Builder Grade Mirror – Add a Frame to a Mirror

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Last week I shared my hall bath transformation! It’s one of my first projects completed in my new home and one of my favorite projects so far. One part of this project that completely stumped me was how to make the 8ft builder grade mirror look like it went with the rest of the bathroom upgrades I made. Luckily I found the perfect solution to frame the mirror that is cost-effective, easy to installing and looks amazing!

Frame My Mirror® makes easy-to-assemble frames custom fit to your mirror that attaches with a sticky adhesive. What a genius idea! When I stumbled upon their product on Instagram I was amazed by how quickly their frames elevated a bathroom. The product looked easy to install so I thought it can’t hurt to try.

Here’s the before of my mirror. You can see I had made all the updates in my bathroom and the mirror simply didn’t go. I wanted to keep the function of such a large mirror and I also loved that it made this long and narrow bathroom feel more open. Now let’s jump into the EASIEST tutorial of all time.


I loved that they have so many styles! If you’re like me you love to DIY, but want it to look like the pros did it. These frame styles definitely offer that. I chose the Weston in White because I wanted it to match the trim I knew I was adding to the beadboard wainscoting.

I also considered the Eastland or the Avery. You can order samples for $1 to find the perfect frame for your project. I love that you could use the more ornate options and make a builder-grade mirror look vintage and full of character.


My mirror is 97” long and 41” tall. I was so happy to learn that wasn’t too big to have shipped to me. The order form will ask you a few other questions like are there any obstructions or if you need mirror clips. Ordering is that simple. Once I placed my order it took about a week for it to arrive.


This is the fun part and I was so surprised by how easy it was. This process in total took about 15minutes!

First I laid my frame pieces on the floor face down to assemble. I made sure the space was clean and flat. You receive glue inside your box and these little brown wedge pieces to get a perfect, tight fit on the frame corners. Choose a corner to start with and apply a very small amount of glue to the inside of one of the frame pieces. Next, you’ll insert each assembly wedge into its correct spot, so that the lettering on the wedge is face-up. Tap the wedges flush with the back of the frame. Repeat with the remaining corners. It was so easy and the frame felt so secure.


I waited for the glue to dry and then did a dry fit on the wall. With a mirror this large it’s pretty important to have a second set of hands to see that the frame is going on in the correct place. Next, remove the backing on the double siding tape and place it on the mirror.

The tape is VERY STRONG. This is amazing because you know it will stay in place, but also if you install it unevenly it’s hard to adjust the placement. Be sure to dry-fit it and place it on the mirror in the correct place especially if you have a very large mirror. The kit comes with corner guides to help align your mirror perfectly.

What I love the most looking at the after photos is how well it flows with the wainscotting that I had professionally installed. It looks like I hired a pro to handcraft this beautiful frame when in reality it took me 15 minutes to assemble and install! I’m seriously so impressed with how it turned out.

Overall I highly recommend Frame My Mirror®’s Add A Frame®! I love now that I get to keep the function of the large mirror without losing the aesthetic I was going for. I will definitely be using the product on future projects. If you are looking to upgrade your mirror in your own bathroom I have a discount code for you. Use FarmhouseLiving15 for 15% off. This discount code is valid for the next two weeks (Until 6/28). All ordered have free shipping! Frame My Mirror also offers a wide variety of mirrors already framed if you don’t have a mirror you’re looking to frame. They’re an all-around mirror solution if you’re in the market for a beautiful one!

If you’d like to see more details about the bathroom I have a full video tour and more details here. Scroll down for my favorite Frame My Mirror Inspiration online! Have an awesome day friends!



Jennifer of @ForeverYoungFarmhouse’s bathroom was completely elevated with the Add A Frame® to her mirror! It’s magical what a simple frame can do. Bravo Jennifer!



Kylie of @LivingwiththeLamberts used the Weston Frame in Gold and totally transformed this bathroom. I love the green too!



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