Benefits of Shiplapping a Popcorn Ceiling

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There are so many benefits to an older home. The character add a cozy feeling that is challenging to create in something newer. With that being said, there are some things that should have never been a trend. One of these things is popcorn ceilings. According to a quick Google search popcorn ceilings became popular because of their ability to hide imperfections and deaden noise…I still don’t understand why someone didn’t step up and say form over function. They might have had a practical use, but they are not pretty.

Mom and I recently updated a 1960’s ranch that my grandfather owned and the living room and kitchen were covered with the texture. We went back in forth about what to do and decided to see them as an opportunity for a ceiling accent. The hero here is SHIPLAP, specifically UFP-Edge Shiplap. I have a few projects I’m going to share with you using their products, but I’m excited to kick off with this one. Here I’m going to share why we chose to shiplap the ceiling and more inspiration. If you’d like a more detailed tutorial on DIY Installation UFP-Edge has a great one here.

First of all, we had the shiplap installed professionally. We chose to use our trim carpenter simply because it was a lot of space to cover and we wanted to try it in a smaller room before DIYing ourselves. We actually have plans to DIY the ceiling in the guest bathroom at mom’s very soon and we plan on filming the entire project and releasing it on our YouTube channel. Until then the UFP-Edge website is a great resource if you’re ready to DIY the project.


Let’s start with why we would shiplap the ceiling rather than simply scrape them.


The first reason was something I found out in this project. Adding shiplap to a room with shorter ceilings, which is common in most older homes with popcorn ceilings, adds so much height to a room. It felt like the ceilings were two feet taller after the shiplap was installed. The accent draws your eye up, opening up the room, and giving the illusion of more height to the 8ft ceilings we were working with.


The shiplap gives the home character that not all homes have. A lot of people forget about the ceiling when thinking about adding an accent to your home. I think every home should have at least one room with a ceiling accent.


Today we’re seeing shiplap used in so many design styles. From modern to traditional farmhouse, because it creates texture in such a clean, unfussy way, it works in all styles. Because it is handcrafted, it can add warmth to more modern space.


If you’ve ever scraped popcorn ceilings you know it produced dust and gunk for days and days. We once did it and it was in our hair for weeks 😂 Shiplap is beautiful and doesn’t stick to you like the mess that comes down from scraping.


UFP-Edge sets the bar high for primed siding, pattern, and trim with our primed products. You won’t find a higher quality primed product on the market. You can tell a difference in the product and even when I’ve DIY’d with their shiplap, it appears professionally installed simply because of the quality. Here I used their Primed Timeless Shiplap, but they have so many beautiful options for different styles.


I’ve rounded up a few Shiplap Ceilings that really inspired me. Each of these homes are different showing how shiplap can give a flair in so many different styles.

Stephanie of @Palmgrovefarmhouse has the most stunning home. She used UFP-Edge’s Ash Gray Shiplap. The shiplap has a unique charred finish that creates a one of a kind look. I love how she has incorporated it in unique ways throughout her home. In the kitchen, it covers the entire ceiling. In the living and dining, it’s featured inset in recessed areas of the ceiling. The color gives such a cozy warm feel and adds character to her home. I loved watching her stories as they installed this shiplap.

There is so much character in Jessica of @this.old.barn’s Living Room. I love when a newer home looks like it has stood the test of time. Shiplap and vaulted ceilings are a magical combination that should be used whenever there’s an opportunity!

I love this breakfast nook from @Daisyanddaydreams. The ceiling and the beams here are just heavenly. This room has a farmhouse look with a glam spin on it with the chairs and chandelier. Geralyn (@daisyanddaydreams on Instagram) has linked to all the sources in this gorgeous room on her LiketoKnowIt here.

I hope this inspires you! You have a solution for that unsightly popcorn ceiling. Do you love the accent on the ceiling? Do you plan on taking on this project or do you already have shiplap on your ceilings? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

For more even more shiplap inspiration head to my Vertical Shiplap tutorial in my master bedroom.


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