Fall Home Decor 3 Ways – Seasonal Decorating Recap

I cannot believe we’ve decorated for fall in mom’s home 3 years now! It feels like we started renovation in the Touch Gold Project yesterday, but time flies when you’re having fun. Today we thought it’d be fun to recap all three years and show you how we’ve taken a different spin each time. I’d love to hear which is your favorite and what designs your taking to use in your own home! Make sure to comment below we’ve you’ve finished perusing all the fall inspiration 😋


Before we jump into the seasonal decor in the living room I thought it’d be fun to share the before of the space as well as what the everyday look is. It’s so fun to look back at the changes. I’ll link to her everyday home at the end of this post if you’re interested.

There’s one thing we did every year consistently and it’s bringing nature inside. Even in our everyday homes, we love to cut fresh greenery from the yard and pop them in vases to add a little life to a space. It’s pretty, free, and changes things up quickly. We also love to mix faux with real stems so don’t be afraid to do that!


Our first year decorating for fall in this home was 2018. We used a pop of color with fresh lantana on the mantle. We loved the look but quickly learned that lantana doesn’t last long. It’s great to decorate for a gathering, but not for decorating for the entire season. Other than that we kept it pretty simple with white pumpkins and deer antlers.


In 2019 we went warmer with the pampas grass and amber glass. You’ll notice a trend that the mirror on the mantle is different all 3 years. This uttermost mirror is my favorite, but the vintage mirror used in 2020 is her favorite. If you are not a minimal decor kind of gal this look might not be for you, but we love the simple updates for the season.

We also spruced up the dining room in 2019. We went with pops of blue to do something a little bit more bold than the minimal living room decor. I’ve seen the blues trending again which makes me really happy because it goes so well with the warm tones of fall.


In 2020 we cut fresh stems and swapped out the mirror as we did the previous years. Believe it or not we didn’t even notice that we were doing this every year until this year. We did fresh pampas grass that we cut from the side of the road rather than purchasing it as we did in 2019. If you love the look just keep a pair of garden shears in your car and you’re bound to stumble upon some while you’re out running errands.

We added eucalyptus to the mantle with a few pumpkins. We also made sure the wood holder was full. I feel like it makes it extra cozy in the fall and the winter even though most days we don’t “need” a fire in Texas. Sometimes we just have to pretend it’s chilly out.

This is the first year I feel like the dining room is “done.” We still need to add drapes and maybe a few accessories, but overall it just feels complete. We kept the touches of blue but added more warm tones this year. I feel like the warm colors really highlight the beams which is my favorite part of this room.

So which year was your favorite? I think I’m leaning towards 2020 even though the year over all has been a little crazy. With everything going on in the world we’ve seen the importance of home more than ever. Fall is a great time to refocus on what makes home special and get cozy with the people you love.

I hope this post inspires you to add fall touches to your home even if it’s just a few fresh cut stems from the yard. What are your tips for seasonal decorating? Let me know in the comments below, find Farmhouse Living on Facebook, and chat on Instagram. And as always thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by our blog. It brings us such joy to be able to share inspirations with you! Our community means the world to us!

If you’re interested in seeing the Touch Gold Project as it’s decorated every day you can take the tour here. Also, if you’re in the mood for more fall goodness take the Fall 2019 Tour and the Fall 2018 Tour.


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