Modern Cottage Playroom Makeover with At Home

I’m so excited to share our finished playroom with you! Over the past month found inspiration, hung wallpaper, and made over a Facebook marketplace find for this room. All that was left was a shopping trip to find all the accents we needed to finish the room. Today we’re sharing our shopping experience and tips at AtHome along with the finished room.

I love a playful feel in a kids’ space, but this room is directly off of our living room so I wanted it to still have a look that flowed with our main areas. I found a wallpaper that gave the whimsy I was looking for but still had a sophisticated feel with the living room. I loved that when my daughter, Quinn, saw the wallpaper she was so excited about the birds! This wallpaper is what kicked off our design.

We found this piece of furniture off of Facebook Marketplace and give it a wood-like finish with a simple paint technique. I share how to get the look here. I used baskets that I found at AtHome to finish the look. I loved the mix of textures on the baskets. Having lots of storage options to hide toys away was really important to me in this room.

I also got a small frame TV for over this piece. Since we have the living room TV so close I really wanted to disguise this second I love the look but I also wanted to know if they are all that Instagram gives them credit for. I’ll share a full review one day.

Lastly, I put a blanket ladder next to the TV area. I loved the pop of color there.

I decided to use this coffee table with poofs as a little space for Quinn to color or play with her dolls or blocks. I love that she already knows how to use this space and love those little cozy pink ottomans. I also found a really simple rug to add more texture to the room.

This room is where we enter in the house. The door to the garage and the back patio is off this room so we needed a drop spot for our things as we enter the house. I DIYed this peg rail shelf that is perfect for displaying photos and art while holding our bags and keys when we come home. I also found this bench and faux plant from AtHome. It finishes the look here!

I hope you enjoyed our ‘Shop with Us’ Video and the final look in the playroom. I love how it looks but I also am enjoying the function! I’d love to know what you think in the comments below.


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