Our Design Trend Predictions for 2021

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When we put up holiday decor the house feels so full and festive! I love the cheery feeling it gives then when it comes down it feels empty and I get an urge to add more decor. Although minimalism has been a trend over the past couple of years and in general is a look we enjoy, the house feels too minimal when seasonal decor comes down. Anyone else feels this way on Jan 1? If you’re like us then you’re needing some post-holiday decor inspiration.

As we clean up holiday decor, we have started to think about all we want to accomplish in 2021 when it comes to home. We thought it would be fun to round up our design trend predictions and what styles we’re excited to see for the New Year.

I’ve created four design boards to complete a full room based on the trends we foresee this year. It’s basically like a design plan for you for FREE. I will tell you I’m crazy about these designs and I really hope y’all enjoy and use them. Every item is from The Home Depot website. Their selection and pricing is perfect to refresh your spaces this New Year. I sent these boards to a fellow designer and she said, “Wait! I didn’t know The Home Depot had pieces like that. I can’t believe that.” Now let’s get to the trends.


We started seeing this in 2020, but anticipate this trend continuing this year—Decor Inspired by Nature. This looks like warmer color palettes that include shades of Beige, Olive, Rust used in a bright and airy way. We look forward to seeing more house plants, faux and real. In my design, you’ll see woven textures with the ottoman and chairs. I chose a warmed colored sofa and accessorized with plants! The abstract artwork ties it all together and adds a modern flair. You can find links to everything on the boards below.



We also foresee lots of character added to homes new and old. Treasure Hunting for vintage decor can be fun, but can also be very time-consuming. Finding manufactured furniture that gives a vintage, character-rich feel can be more functional and quick to order online. My design board is a character infused bedroom. I love the chandelier because it can be used in so many looks. The chairs look vintage, but also give a modern feel paired with the brass side table. This look will stand the test of time even though it’s “trending.”



Wood has a way of elevating an entire space. It sends the cozy factor right off the charts! We love to use wood in unexpected ways. Your dough bowl makes a great centerpiece filled with seasonal decor, but it also makes a great statement hung on the wall. We used old barn beams in multiple places throughout the home. We styled it as a mantle. We created a built-in bench seat in the mudroom and used them traditionally as ceiling beams. Find different ways to incorporate warm woods. Wood floors can be stunning laid in herringbone or basketweave, there’s really no end to the ways they can be styled. If you don’t have a way to incorporate wood architecturally, the best thing to do is to bring in furniture pieces that will easily add warmth to your space.

If you take on this look you can find tons of inspiration by searching “European Farmhouse” on Pinterest. As you start to introduce these accents don’t be afraid to mix wood tones as this really is what adds that extra dose of character.



We’re seeing tons of bold colors already this year. While we love neutrals, a pop color in a well-designed space is so welcoming and adds a dose of joy to the home. We all need an extra dose of that this year. This look is paired with elements like gold, marble, and textures like velvet to add sophistication to a playful look.

The design board I’ve put together here uses blush and rose tones, but we’ve been seeing bold greens and blues paired with golds and marbles as well. If this trend is too bold to use in a living space like I’ve mocked up here, it’s a great style for a guest room or home office. Mom and I recently went bolder in our guest rooms and it’s nice because you don’t get tired of the design since it’s not a room we enter every day. Mom used a bold green in hers and I went with blush tones in mine.



You’ll see that many of these trends overlap and could be considered timeless even though they’re currently trending. Honestly, I love every look equally as much and I really hope that they inspire you. I’d love to see one install these into their own space. If you do make sure to send me pictures because I’ve run out of rooms to install new looks in 😉

Which predicted trend is your favorite for the new year? Do you have any other predictions or trends you’d like to see?

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