Spring Patio Refresh – Patio Decorating Ideas 2022

Mom and I love giving her outdoor spaces a refresh as seasons change. We recently brought in some fun spring decor to her back patio that I think you’ll love. I also thought this would be a fun time for us to compare what we’ve done in other seasons to this space. And with just a few changes in pillows and planters, it’s all fresh and new! Light touches make such a huge difference!


Before we updated the patio for spring it was all spruced up from winter/Christmas.

North Texas basically has 2 seasons. We have a distinctive spring where everything blooms. Then we experience long summers that can bleed right into the fall. The kids are swimming into October some years. By this time we are all ready for cooler weather and we are excited to break out the fall and winter decor. We like to use nature on the back porch. We change out the planter because our annual summer flowers have faded by then. A change of pillows of cozy red and the white deer give us all the feels. We add a couple of evergreens for Christmas but it’s short-lived because Spring comes early here.


By March we have forgotten all about the pain of the summer’s heat and we’re excited to break out the pretty pastels and plant new flowers. One of our favorite projects is a large clay bowl that we fill to overflowing with a variety of wildflowers. We like to use a tall statement floral for the center of the bowl as an anchor. Then we arrange everything around it so the flowers are spilling out the bowl.

Nothing makes a statement like a few big fern. We put a large basket with a fern on top of the hutch and it is magical. The hutch doubles as a potting bench. It’s both beautiful and functional.

The other thing that packs a punch is fresh throw pillows and changing pillows on the porch swing changes the whole space. This year I found the sweetest floral bunny pillow. It says spring but I may have to leave him out all year! The key to a refresh is keeping it simple. Just a few changes can make your space feel brand new. Also, there’s not much to store from season to season. It’s really the way we live in our home, inside and out!



While this year’s Spring refresh was all-new, white and bright, and airy, last year we used a lot of richer colors on the patio for summer. We used pillows made from kilim rugs we found on Etsy. And added extra touches like layering our outdoor rugs with a cowhide. It turned out great!

The patio swing has a twin mattress on it and we purchased a cover for it from World Market. We have an oatmeal one here but switched to white (called Marshmellow) for Spring and Winter.

We love to refresh and enjoy the outdoor spaces. Even though I love interior design, the outdoors is my favorite of all. Things that God made are by far the most beautiful! Which is your favorite? Do you love to decorate your outdoor spaces? How often do you change things up? We love to hear from you so be sure to comment below. Also, see the other outdoor spaces on our YouTube video here!


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