Four Floor Plan Tips to Learn from Touring this Modern Farmhouse

Choosing a floor plan that fits your family and lifestyle can be a challenge whether you are building a new home, remodeling or shopping for an existing home. I’ve been renovating our 1960’s ranch over the past 5 months and I quickly became overwhelmed trying to modify the layout to work for us in this season and in the future as our family grows.

I was inspired by an architect in Austin named Tim Brown that I stumbled upon on Instagram. I loved how intentional his spaces were and of course, the modern farmhouse looks many of the designs had. The Farmhouse Living team recently took a road trip to tour one of the homes Tim created for his company Perch Plans – a boutique shopping experience that makes high-end house plans accessible at a reasonable price. Their Modern Farmhouse plans are AMAZING.

The home we toured was just wrapping up construction so not all the design details were installed, but goodness was it beautiful. This 2250 square foot plan has everything you need in a humble one-story home. A delightful foyer welcomes your guests into the open living/dining space, and the extensive kitchen with large island is perfect for entertaining. The unique master dressing corridor offers plentiful closet storage while preserving space and creating a grand entrance into the sizable master suite. With two generous secondary bedrooms, the Mirandaise has comfort and convenience. Intentional and thoughtful are the best words to describe this home!

After touring this space I felt so confident in moving forward in our Skyline Project. It showed me that 1700 sq ft can work if you’re intentional and thoughtful. Below are my best tips for choosing a floor plan for your family along with some beautiful photos of the home that inspired me! Another reminder that these tips are great for new builds as well as shopping for an existing home + renovating.


No one knows what the future holds, but creating a home is so much fun when you allow yourself to dream. Do you see kiddos? Dinner parties? Regular guests? Asking yourself these questions will allow you to create a home unique to you.

The answer isn’t always more square feet and the Perch Plans show this! 2250 sq ft feels so open and large in this home. Something that we loved that Perch incorporated in this plan was the master closet. It’s built into the hallway on the way to master. Talk about no wasted space. Not only is that practical, but they are absolutely gorgeous. The top rack pulls down to be easily accessible.


Make a List. Here is what Andrew and I came up with in our list of most important to least for the Skyline Project.

  1. Close to Work (the home is walkable to work)
  2. Open Concept
  3. Master Ensuite
  4. Kitchen for Hosting
  5. Space to Organize
  6. Laundry Room Inside (It was in the garage)

We took our time to prioritize what was most important to us. This list might seem obvious, but referring back to it helps to be thoughtful moving forward. Walking through the Mirandaise floor plan you can see the priorities it fit for the family. They maximize their living space even though they had a small lot to work with so compromises might have been made for location, but it would be a challenge to find what the home is lacking.


Not every floor plan is designed to flow perfectly from one room to the next. Whether it’s a lack of an entryway, a small area, or a room surrounded by doors and hallways, you can find yourself stumped on how to make it work for you. Start by asking yourself what are your natural rhythms in your home? What areas do you travel to most? Where do things often get left and need a good drop spot? Where does your family gather?


Good things take time my friends. Especially if you are looking to take on your forever home, don’t be afraid to take your time.

I hope this tour inspires you and what I learned from the Perch Plans team gives you the confidence to create a home you love whether it is a new build, renovation or choosing an existing home. We HIGHLY recommend exploring the plans at Perch! They are a cost-effective way to get a home with a custom feel + it will be unique in your area since they only sell one in each zip code.

See the full gallery of the Mirandaise plan below!

P.S. this is not a sponsored post! I really do love Perch enough to share with you. I love sharing what truly inspires me with this online community. Follow Perch on Instagram and Pinterest for more inspiration. You won’t be sorry! 

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