Design Tips to a Well Styled Bed

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Ever look at bedroom inspiration on Instagram and think, “I’ll never be able to pull that off”? Even as a designer and home enthusiast myself, I can overthink all that can go into a well-styled bed. Because your bed is usually the largest object in the room, a well-styled bed is the fastest way to give your bedroom a finished look. While giving my guest room a refresh I thought it’d be helpful to share my best design tips to create a bed that you love in any bedroom.


Matching sets don’t give the same impact as mixing different pieces. Here you can see we chose to mix a natural colored duvet cover and euro shams with a dark gray king pillow color with the same texture. Lastly, we added this soft pink Cotton Bamboo Diamond Weave Throw blanket for the front layer. If you do buy a matching bedding set mix a few pieces in to make it look unique and well-styled.


A good mix of textures creates interest and gives even a neutral space a pop! A great and easy way to add texture is throws and pillows.

Typically people think the more the better… However, I always say make it interesting with less by varying textures. An example of different textures in this room is the rumpled Weaver Yarn Dyed Organic Cotton Duvet Cover in Natural, along with a Relaxed Linen Bed Skirt with a flat texture, and a Bamboo Throw featuring a Diamond Stitch. Every piece makes you want to jump in bed for a long, relaxing nap!


Mixing colors doesn’t have to be scary. Look for inspiration from nature. Find the latest color trends in your local paint store. We like to make a collage board with different options to see how well the textures and colors mix before purchasing. This could be as simple as an app on your phone or using Canva. Below is an example of my design before ordering from The Company Store. It was easy for me to see that even though the colors were different that they looked great together. While mixed cool with warm tones, staying within a certain palette of cool or warm tones also makes it less scary.


You’ll see at the end of the bed we threw the Cotton Bamboo Diamond Weave Throw. This makes making the bed quick and easy but also gives such a casual (but still stylish) cozy look. A well-styled bed doesn’t always have to be formal. Don’t be afraid to throw in something fun and playful.


There’s something so luxurious about a big fluffy duvet insert. We love how full this one is from The Company Store. We made it even more full by folding it in three folds. This is a no-fuss trick to making the bed since it looks like you have tons of layers, but it’s just one awesome duvet.


This space evolved, we originally had another color palette in mind. But decided on these warmer hues, brought together with various textures creating a welcoming, cozy style. We loved the process, but we love the result more than we could have imagined. This room exceeded our expectations. Don’t be afraid to let your space evolve and use these tips to see what surprising pieces could sing together.

We collaborated with our favorite bedding shop—The Company Store—to create this look. Be sure to browse their site as you’re designing your well-styled bed. Do you have any tips we missed? What do you think about mixing colors? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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