The Dreamiest Back Porches Online

I stumbled upon the dreamiest back porch inspiration photo last week and it had me craving MORE beautiful outdoor spaces. Naturally I spent hours on Pinterest to find more and I’ve compiled my favorites here for you. Let me warn you that these will have you quickly adding things to your summer project list.

This is the photo that sparked it all. I love the black and white color scheme. The fireplace and the hanging swings are such a gorgeous combo. I’d be out here with a cup of coffee every morning if this was my backyard. If this is your home please invite me over!

This is one of my VERY favorite outdoor spaces I’ve ever found online. Kelly Nutt is so ridiculously talented and the Dolphin Terrace Project totally took my breathe away. If you want to know my goals in life it’s to end up here 😋

If you don’t follow Three Birds Renovations you are missing out. These Aussies are the cutest things to watch on their YouTube channel. I love follow their updates and blog posts. They are fans of a simple color scheme like us—white, gray and black.

This gorgeous outdoor space is from our friend Stephanie of @BloomingIvyLane on Instagram. We recently just toured her entire modern farmhouse and it is STUNNING. You won’t want to miss any room in her home. Take the tour here.

I love this Minnesota Modern Backyard by Faux Martha. Melissa links all the resources to create this space for yourself. I love the black horizontal fence. Not only will you be inspired to create a beautiful space by this blog, but she’ll also has AMAZING recipes that will make you host of the year. 

Sarah from Room for Tuesday has one of the best home design blogs online because each post is so comprehensive and I always walk away from a post feeling like I can take the project on. She has a great mix of DIY, Inspiration and posts for you to shop the look. This is her new back porch and I’m loving every single detail. How amazing is that fire pit?! The price on that cutie isn’t bad either—Only $439.

Another one of my favorite places to find inspiration online is Chris Loves Julia. They DIYed this gorgeous modern fireplace on their deck. It might be beyond my DIY skill set, but I absolutely love the design and every single detail.

For more outdoor inspiration, make sure to follow along on Pinterest I hope it inspires you to create an outdoor space you love! Leave which space is your favorite and what outdoor projects you’re working on in the comments below. We love to hear from you, friends!


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