Skyline Christmas Home Tour 2019

I’m so excited to share my Christmas decor this year. Last year, I was really unmotivated to decorate for the season because there were so many pieces of my home that were incomplete from the renovation. I’m here to report that it’s still not complete, but we’ve made some progress and I’ve come to terms that I’m on a journey with this 1960’s beauty. Since I’ve officially decided we’re in a committed relationship with the home I had a lot more fun decorating. We vlogged the entire process as we decorated my home and my mom’s! I hope both inspire you whatever your style.

Like last year, I kept the design simple using mostly greenery. I changed up the design a bit by trading ornaments with mom. She used the simple white I had and I used her bold red from last year. Even though our homes are so different, with mine being more modern and hers a little more glam, we can still get away with trading Christmas decor since both our styles are pretty minimalist when it comes to the holidays.

CHRISTMAS PRO TIP: If you’re looking for how to switch things up, trade with friends or family. I’m thinking about making a party out of the swap next year with some of our design friends! Wouldn’t that be fun?


In the living room we primarily decorated with the Christmas tree. In this little area we included a few bold pops of red all of which I took from mom’s Christmas stash! I put the tree in a big basket that I found at AtHome and stuff it with a blanket to add a little more texture.

I added two Christmas throw pillows to add an extra pop. I actually haven’t found the perfect accent pillows for my couch so it’s fun decorating with these even though they’re a little more playful than I’d use for an every day accent pillow. My pups lounge here so I’m hunting for something that fits my vision that’s cost effective and pup proof…If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments because after the holiday decor is back in the attic I will be on the hunt. Now, back to Christmas chat 😉

I don’t have a fire place so we hung the stockings directly on the wall like last year. The only difference is we have one more stocking to fill for our newest addition. I thought about hanging them on the built in’s to switch it up and add a garland like I’ve seen others without mantles do. I decided maybe we’ll try that next year when I decorate a little earlier and have more time to shop for items I may need for that. Every store I went to hunt for garland was so picked over. You’ll see in the video! We couldn’t even find lights Target was so low on inventory. I guess the DFW loves Christmas.



A few accessories and the kitchen was “Christmasy” enough for me 😋I like to keep the counters cleaned off and my open shelves functioning as normal so a letterboard quote swap and a rosemary topiary is as far as I go. I do make sure to incorporate Christmas scents through the season. This year we’re using our Aera Scent Diffuser and their Holiday Delights collection is my FAVORITE! We’re giving away this collection on Instagram this week so make sure to check in. Also, this is a great gift idea for any homebody.



One new thing I did was the art ledge. I filled different size simple black frames with the words ‘Joy to the world the Lord has come.’ I literally used card stock paper in my home printer! It was so simple, but I love how it turned out.

Like we did on mom’s mantle, I did an asymmetrical garland over the french doors leading to my backyard. The greenery came from Trader Joe’s. Last year my garland lasted through mid-January so I’m hoping to get a use just as long.

Yes, we included my favorite chicken in the Christmas photoshoot. I mean it’s not every day you can put a scarf on a Chicken. This particular hen is extra friendly and honestly acts more like a dog than a chicken. Her name is Walter…I know she’s a girl, but I kept accidentally calling them he’s when they were chicks so a couple of them have boy names 😂

Another thing that’s different about this holiday season in this home is that we welcomed our first little one, Quinn, this October. Making her first Christmas special motivated us, even more, to get in the spirit. We’ll want to remember this one for sure.

Did you procrastinate on decorating for Christmas also? Did you have trouble shopping due to everything being so picked over? Let us know in the comments. We love to chat with you!.

You can also scroll through more photos below.



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