Touch Gold Christmas Home Tour 2019

We can’t believe Christmas is here! It feels like summer was just yesterday. This is the latest we’ve ever decorated for the holidays. Mom was hosting a baby shower right after Thanksgiving and so we waited until after the big event to pull everything out of the attic. Our plan this year was to swap ornaments. I would take her bold pops of red from last year and she would take my simple white. We knew we’d still have to venture out to the store to complete our looks, but we hoped to primarily work with what we had. We vlogged our entire decorating process for a little behind the scenes of decorating both of our homes. Here is the Touch Gold Christmas Tour 2019!



Earlier in the season mom spotted some gray ornaments that would be perfect for the look she was going for. We went to hunt them down after the shower and found that every store in the DFW was completely picked over. They were down to the bear minimum. We pivoted our design vision and went with navy. We were not disappointed with the turn out one bit. Navy and blue are typically mom’s go-to’s, but since we incorporated them in her fall design we wanted to switch it up a bit.


A trend we’ve loved seeing this season is the garland draping down the side of the mantle. It’s been something popping up all over Instagram and we were so excited to take on this look. The top of the garland is faux and the part flowing down is real stems from Trader Joes. We thought we’d use all faux, but when we were out shopping we couldn’t find any great garland left. I saw many online who were able to buy a full evergreen garland at Trader Joes, but ours only had stems. This was probably due to use shopping after Thanksgiving.


Another trend is the stocking in a tight little bundle. We saw this a little last year and it seemed to really inspire everyone for 2019. Santa might have a little trouble filling them, but man it’s pretty.


We kept it pretty simple in the kitchen with greenery and a letterboard with of course, an Elf quote. I love the wreath mounted to the hood vent. If you’re unsure how to decorate your kitchen for Christmas, that alone will do the trick!


The dining room is my favorite. Mom lined up trees in the center on top of fresh eucalyptus from the baby shower she hosted the weekend before. We used the dishes and charges that we used from the fall so it was an easy switch from season to season. This is a great tip if holiday decorating overwhelms you. Decorate in a way for the fall that allows winter to build on top of it.

We’re thankful to have our sweet Quinn help us decorate! We’re so excited for her to have her first Christmas. Our favorite time of the year just got sweeter. Mom’s grandma name is honey if you were wondering 😉

Below is a full gallery of more photos of the Touch Gold Project decorated for Christmas! Do you decorate for Christmas? How early do you put Christmas out? We’d love to hear in the comments below. We love chatting with our community!

Want to tour the Touch Gold Project decorated for everyday? Follow the link here.


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