TX Sized Home Tour – Farmhouse Christmas

Instagram is such a strange place where you become fast friends and often never meet people in “real life.” Last week, I met one of my Instagram friends Megan of TxSizedHome and she’s as cool in person as she is online. Her home is so thoughtfully designed and unique to her family. If you love shiplap as much as we do then you’ll love her space. 

I was excited to do a home tour, but even more excited to show off her pretty home decorated for CHRISTMAS. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, y’all! 

Megan and her husband are a talented DIY duo. They build furniture and have been working on their fixer upper for the past 4 years with their 5 kids, yes 5! My conversation with Megan was so inspiring. She shares on how anyone can do this. You don’t have to be a home builder to make your house a home. I love when she said “They don’t teach you how to hammer a nail in the wall in college.” It’s so nice to hear that it’s achievable to make your home what you want it to be. 

I love Megan’s DIY Buitlins. She shared with us that her inspiration came form other blogs where she was able to take multiple concepts and piece together what made sense for her space. How cute are those light fixtures? Make sure to take a peek at her before picture on her blog. You will not believe how she’s transformed this space! 

We didn’t talk about this much in our video interview, but I have to share about her amazing office space. She had just put up the shiplap with the chicken laying box as shelves with the goose neck lights to make a statement right above. The Ikea desk is simple and clean allowing the back wall to do all the talking. 

She gave us a pro tip I’ve never thought of on the goose neck fixtures! They were mounted on the wall, but not hardwired (just in case she ever moves she can take those pretty things with 😉). She used rechargeable light bulbs to make the fixtures functional! I didn’t even know those existed! What an amazing idea for lights over builtins, over night stands or anything that might be temporary. This makes installing light fixtures like this so simple. You don’t even need an electrician. We are not very handy over here so that makes me happy.

Megan really is such an inspiration to me! I’m so glad to have made an internet friend a ‘real life’ friend 😋 Below are the links to Megan’s social channels and website. You won’t be sorry for following her journey.

Megan’s Instagram

Megan’s Facebook

Megan’s Website

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