Perfectly Imperfect Minimal Christmas

Creating home is hard sometimes. So many moving pieces. Renovating this home we’re creating has been CRAZY. This 1960’s Ranch took 6 months to renovate. We quickly moved back in and have a few details to finish up. If you’ve renovated before you can probably relate…There were pieces my painter forgot to paint…Trim that wasn’t installed and other little details I just didn’t think about because I’ve never done this before. We’ll be giving you a full tour of our newly renovated home that we call the #SkylineProject soon, but I thought my Christmas dilemma was a perfect way to give you a sneak peek + send out a little encouragement to you if you need it as much as I do.

So what’s my Christmas dilemma? It feels silly to be decorating our home for Christmas when it’s not finished…Overwhelm on finishing the last details has officially set in. BUT I gave myself the same advice that I often give clients, followers and friends: create home where you’re at. Create home in your homes perfectly imperfect state. Christmas is a perfect time to cover up those unfinished spaces in your home. Fill up those shelves you’ve been neglecting with Christmas goodies and then as Spring arrives you’ll be refreshed to take on that space you’ve been procrastinating.

My goal with this blog is to encourage you to create in the imperfect. This is where you’ll be able to refine your home over time to be a space you love. My style is pretty minimal so those are the types of decor I styled. I also have a limited budget since renovating so I’ll be working to use as much free resources as I can.

Things that bother me in my main living spaces right now, the bare space around my window, the door lacking trim and my undecorated built ins. So I’m going to through Christmas all around to fill in the gaps until Spring.

The first thing I’m going to do is make garlands to spruce up and cover up. I’m using clippings from my mom’s yard and a tutorial from Garden Answer YouTube Channel! Now, in her tutorial she used a variety of clippings, but I just want simple green. I do want it to be thick though to cover up that bare area. I will eventually paint these doors black, clean the paint of the glass and put trim on them, but until then this garland is going to make me happy.

I put my tree in a basket I got for $30 at At Home. I liked the idea of this, because I can use the basket after Christmas. Sometimes it seems so silly to invest in Christmas when you’re just going to put it in the attic in a month. Things that you can repurpose are worth investing in. Our faux tree is from last year and I just put simple white ornaments on it and a strand of lights. I will find a time to put curtains up, but until then my neighbors can see my pretty tree and my husband and I enjoying reruns of The Office on the couch 😂

I filled in my built in’s with Christmas details until I’m re-energized to find a few more things I can commit to. It’s easy to toss out season decor because you know you’ll be putting it back up. We don’t have a fireplace in our new home so we’ll be hanging stockings on the wall next to the tree.

I’ll be ready for projects and to finish the #SkylineProject in the new year, but until then we’ll be getting cozy with our first ‘real’ Christmas in our new house!

I hope this inspires you to get festive and create memories in your imperfect, unfinished home. Have you been procrastinating on seasonal decorating too? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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