Holiday Guest Room Makeover with The Home Depot

This post was sponsored by Home Depot. All views are my own.

We’re so excited to partner with The Home Depot to update the guest room for the holidays! Mom and I have had the itch to switch up this room for a while and there’s no better time than now. The Home Depot has upped its game in home accents becoming the ultimate one-stop-shop for customers tackling home improvement projects. From furniture and accessories to lighting and home improvement supplies, we were able to grab everything we needed to update this space. In this post, we’re sharing the transformation of the space along with all you need for your guests to be comfortable during their stay. You can scroll down to shop for all these updates.

One funny thing about mom’s guest room is it has always been light green. She painted her guest room this color in the 90’s and as she moved from house to house every home has had that exact color. It began to feel like a tradition to me, but as we enter into a season of more moody fun colors we decided to break the tradition and paint the room a different shade of green. We chose BHER’s Pine Mountain and painted the trim and all.

Next, we swapped out the dated fan from the 80’s with a great chandelier that we found at The Home Depot. I was so impressed with the quality for the price. I’ve seen many fixtures with a similar style that are 3 or 4 times more in price.

One of the most exciting finds for us were these gorgeous cane accent chairs (also from The Home Depot). They add the perfect amount of interest & warmth. They paired great with our light jute rug we found as well! Both these items have a high-end look with amazing texture without the shocking price tag.



We know so many are not having guests this season, but rather than focusing on this glass half empty, we thought it’d be a great time to prepare your space for the future. Below we’ve also added a few practical ways to make your Guest Room as cozy as possible for the holidays 🎄


Mom has always been the best host and kept baskets with all that a guest might need for their stay. It’s even better than staying at a fancy hotel because she’s not going to tack a surprising snack bar charge on their bill 😉

Linked here are all my favorite baskets to stock your guests with all their supplies.


It’s great to have all those easy to forget items stocked in the bathroom. We leave toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, lotion, Q-tips, and makeup wipes in a small basket on the counter. And guests love the convenience of grabbing these as they need instead of having to ask or run to the store. We have guest towels conveniently stocked for guests as well.


It’s nice to be able to have your own space while staying with family. We love catching up and having conversations, but having a seat to get cozy on your own for a minute makes the stay so much more restful. I’ve already shared how much we loved the chairs we found on The Home Depot’s website, but there were so many more that I loved! We were shocked by the selection, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites for your design projects.

You can also add a few of your favorite books or magazines and a basket of cozy blankets to snuggle up with. Clearly, we love baskets 😉


Of course having a bed that’s comfortable is a must for a guest room. We love having a good mattress topper, sheets and pillows. I’ve linked a few here if you’re on the hunt for an upgrade. A great tip we use is to test the guest bed. Take a quick nap or an overnight vaca in your guest room, if you are comfortable then your guests will be too!


This isn’t a requirement, but who doesn’t love holiday decor? We put a tree in the corner by our sitting area and it was the perfect amount. You can just put a table top tree on the dresser or nightstand as well.


While we know the importance of unplugging the fact is we all need access to our laptops and phones from time to time. So we place our wifi password in a simple frame on the dresser. If you’d like to make your own WiFi sign you can use our template we used to make ours here. We also like to leave a phone charger for guests in case they forget to pack theirs.

We had fun with this simple, inexpensive guest room makeover. Even if you’re not hosting this year, we hope you are able to use some of these tips to prepare for guests in the future. And we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season from our home to yours. Do you have any updates you’re making this season? Maybe a guest room. We’d love to hear in the comments along with your tips to making a welcoming guest room.


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