Cozy Cottage Christmas with My Little White Barn

We’re so excited to be back with another Christmas home tour for you tour featuring the talented Shannon of My Little White Barn in Rockwall, Texas.

This is fun because we actually have toured this home already this year but it was still under construction so seeing it completed festive for the holidays is such a treat! You’ll find before photos in the full video tour!

When we asked Shannon to described her style she shared that she’s always dreamed of having a country cottage and she finally feels like this is the home that let those dreams flourish. This year’s Christmas theme revolves around her “favorite things,” including adorable bunnies. If you’ve follow Shannon online for any amount of time you know she ADORES bunnies and you will quickly lose count if you try to figure out how many she has in this tour.


As we step into the entryway, the first thing that catches your eye is the staircase, setting the tone for the entire space. Shannon describes this area as a bit of a challenge during the renovation process. It seemed like it might have been a living room in its previous state, but Shannon had a vision for it.

She shares how she always dreamed of having a fireplace in her kitchen, and once they opened up the wall to create access to the kitchen, it became evident that this space could be the “hearth room” she had envisioned. With a proper entry, the hearth room, and the kitchen beyond, Shannon believes it’s now fulfilling its intended purpose.

The decision to place a kitchen table in front of the fireplace added a unique touch, and she humorously recalls how her friend helped her move in and found art on the fireplace before any groceries or essentials, highlighting Shannon’s personality.


Moving to the right of the entry, there’s a study or office space, complete with a charming powder bath. Shannon shares that this room presented a challenge due to its shelving since she didn’t have built in’s like this in her previous home so she needed to collect items to fill. As for the exact shade of green, Shannon playfully admits she may need to look it up, but for those curious it’s Sherwin Williams Liveable Green.


Now, let’s take a closer look at the heart of this incredible transformation – the kitchen. It’s impossible to overstate just how monumental this makeover was. Once-closed, somewhat cramped space into an open and functional culinary haven.

Here you’ll see no upper cabinets highlighting the large window over the sink which opens up the space and draws attention to the stunning backyard. Shannon chose to drape fresh greenery over the windows, while keeping the rest of the decor elegantly simple.

The star of the show, undoubtedly, is the long island that feels like a piece of furniture with history. Over the island are custom lampshades on her light fixture added a personal touch. And can we talk about that STUNNING Ilve range?

Another feature we loved is the plate wall. Shannon’s thoughtfully curated plate collection allows for the addition of a few Christmas touches, effortlessly adding a festive touch.

Dining Room

Flowing from the kitchen is the dining room where you’ll find another stunning built in. This adds so much storage despite having no uppers in the kitchen. In this hutch you’ll find many of Shannon’s everyday dishes and serving-ware.

The long white dining table is a dream for hosting and creates that cozy country cottage feel she was going for. During our video interview we asked Shannon to invite us over for the holidays!

Sitting Room

Now onto the room mom lovingly referred to as “Narnia” – the sitting room. As you step into this space, your attention is immediately drawn to a beautiful wardrobe, bursting with Christmasy dreams including the sweetest snowman. The whimsy and creativity in that room will have you smiling ear to ear.

This room was originally slated to be the laundry room according to the architectural plans, they pivoted so they wouldn’t lose the window keeping the stunning view they have. This decision had them questioning what to do with this room since they already have a sunroom, a study, a living room and a hearth room.

Shannon aptly dubs it a “catch-all,” and it serves its role as a sitting room wonderfully. What we see is how effortlessly it could accommodate overflow from the dining area during gatherings making this how a hosting dream.


Now, let’s talk about the sunroom, a space that didn’t need much because it was already amazing. She decided to go with a coat of fresh white paint and added a new light fixture, and that was it. The result? Absolutely beautiful and simply perfect.

Shannon confesses that this sunroom has become one of her favorite spots in the house, especially for her morning coffee. And what makes it even more special is its proximity to the primary bedroom, extending the feeling of a true retreat.

Back Patio

The creation of this back patio was not originally part of the plan. After opting not to convert the sitting room into a laundry area, they decided to add it to the back of the home. This addition resulted in the charming back patio, conveniently located just off the sunroom and visible from the kitchen window.

The hutch here was originally in Shannon’s previous home, and she initially doubted whether it would find a place in her new house. However, when she moved it to the back patio, she was thrilled by how well it complemented the space and how great it looked.

Primary Bedroom & Bath

Shannon’s primary bedroom and bathroom were an addition to this home! They flow so seamlessly from the original structure that you’d never guess when walking through. The furniture selection in this room is a mix of collected pieces, yet it all comes together cohesively. Shannon is so amazing at blending new items with Facebook Marketplace and estate sale finds. I mean, she found this home while shopping at an estate sale, so clearly, she has a knack for it!

Shannon shared that making bathroom selections doesn’t come naturally to her. Choosing tiles and finishes used to stress her out, but she did learn a lot from her previous home’s bathroom renovation. I would argue that she clearly has an eye for it! I love the tile, hardware, and even the blend of vintage with the little stand holding a plant in the bathroom.

Living Room

Now to the family room! The focal point of this room is undoubtedly the stunning fireplace, a timeless feature that captured Shannon’s heart from the very beginning. Shannon opted for a German smear treatment, brightening up the room and adding some well-placed built in’s on each side.

The room also retains its original bar area, a wet bar, and Shannon’s goal was to maintain the house’s original character while infusing it with a fresh, updated feel. This room was probably a garage conversion at one point but doesn’t feel like it with the flow from the kitchen and hearth room.

Shannon’s tree features perfectly placed tinsel. She shared that although it can be challenging to decorate with, it’s special as her mom always used tinsel at Christmas. She shares that covering the entire tree is extremely tedious but she simply adds one cluster at a time filling in around ornaments.

Shannon’s choice of flooring in the family room and throughout the house was a very popular comment on this video tour. Shannon explains that this choice was a labor of love, considering the practicality needed for a family with dogs and frequent visitors. Her commitment to a clean and comfortable living space is evident, and her selection of luxury vinyl plank flooring has proven to be both aesthetically pleasing and pragmatic. They’re called Karastan Belhancourt Linen Wash Oak.


Now, let’s head upstairs, which happens to be a personal favorite for mom and I. I can’t help but remark that it feels like the ultimate grandbaby haven, even though Shannon doesn’t have any yet! The room towards the back, the attic room, Shannon lovingly was already calling the “grandchildren room.” It’s got those two twin beds and an adorable dollhouse.

In the room across the hallway, Shannon has arranged two queen beds. With three daughters, even though they no longer reside at home, these beds become a gathering spot during special occasions.

What’s truly ingenious is how she transformed the headboards – her upholstery expert performed magic, refurbishing those budget-friendly headboards from Amazon with tablecloths ordered overnight from Amazon when the fabric she desired couldn’t be found locally. Shannon’s resourcefulness and creativity shine through!

The bathroom in this room is stunning, embellished for Christmas with a full tree placed inside the bathtub. While we acknowledge that it may not be the most practical idea, Shannon’s home was featured in our local home tour. Therefore, going all out, even in the smallest spaces, adds a fun touch for everyone.

Now, let’s talk about the “boys’ room.” Shannon decided to keep it light and bright here, a departure from the trend of dark and moody colors. It still has that essence of Jaxson’s previous room but with a lighter touch.

There’s also another charming guest room that I absolutely adore! It’s the simple vintage touches and consistent color palette that makes this upstairs feel so cozy and intentionally designed.

The second bathroom upstairs features chrome accents rather than the gold found in other areas of the home. Shannon mentioned that she loved the final look in the space and made her want to switch other spaces. We love both!

Home Exterior

The exterior of this home is a country cottage dream. Shannon chose to paint the siding white which instantly transformed this already beautiful home. She added brick pavers to the front patio adding another layer of character. The giant bells are from Hobby Lobby and she chose to spray paint them gold which really elevated the whole look!

Shannon thank you so much for opening your home to us! We enjoyed every detail and cannot wait to tour this home styled for “everyday” this spring.

Follow Shannon on Instagram at @mylittlewhitebarn_. If you haven’t watched the full video tour be sure to head to our YouTube now. You can also see all of our Christmas tours on our Playlist here.

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