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Last week Shelby and I decorated the inside of my home for the holidays and this week we are excited to share the Christmas decor on the back porch! Season changes are a good time to overhaul a patio with a good cleaning and festive decor. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

The last refresh was in the summer so it was definitely time for a good cleaning and sprucing up. We shook out rugs, cleaned the outdoor upholstery, and swept the endless amounts of brush and leaves. Then it was time for the fun part!



This back porch was inspired by my poor reindeer left in the attic this year. When we brought out Christmas we were so focused on making over the hearth with fresh garland and our deer mount that we forgot all about my Costco deer I bought many years ago. They were brown and tan and we painted them white to brighten them up! They’ve been one of our favorite things to put out at Christmas.

The house was done, I needed to find a place for them and the patio seemed like the perfect spot! We surrounded them with some flocked trees in the corner to create a sweet wintery scene. And they are the star of the show again!


We love shopping at our local nursery Covington’s. We love to shop there to get inspiration and we found a sweet arrangement that we put together in our own planter. We like to change our planter up every season. In this one, we used a small Pine tree in the center, Lambs Ear, white Cyclamen, and deep red Pansies. This is our centerpiece on the back porch table and we love how it turned out!


1. Place your plants in their containers inside your pot to plan your arrangement

2. Fill your pot with dirt

3. Start with your center plant and then plant the others around

4. Give it a good watering and enjoy!


The hutch got a good cleaning and we added a few white houses from the dollar section at Target. They light up and it will be a fun addition to nighttime on the back porch. We added more fresh-cut evergreen to the top of the hutch. Juniper stems with their little blue berries have become our favorite this year.

Lastly, we added a small potted cypress tree on the hutch. We plan on planting it in the yard after the holidays so we can use its stems in garlands in the future. The neighbor is always kind enough to let us cut hers so it’ll be great to have our own.

We changed out our pillows on the outdoor furniture with pops of red for Christmas. We found the cozy knit pillows and lumbar for the swing at Home Goods. The grain-sack pillows are from last year and give a nod back to our sweet reindeer. Speaking of our reindeer, we used the cricket to create a sign for their treats!


We also used it to label our human treats—yummy Smores! This was a fun easy project. We have a large basket that hangs on the wall as a decoration but it also makes an awesome Charcuterie board because of its size. We just placed it on top of butcher paper, traced it around, and then cut it to size. We used the butcher paper on the bottom to make it easy to label our ingredients with our Cricut. The weather in Texas stays nice enough to enjoy the outdoors most of the year! We’ll leave the reindeer food out but take our Smores to the fire pit to enjoy this evening.

There are lots of things on the schedule during the holidays but few as special as gathering with the ones we love, enjoying the outdoors, and making Smores over an open fire! We hope our little back porch refresh inspires you. And we hope your holidays are filled with the good stuff too this year! We love to hear from you in the comments so be share to share what you think below.

If you are craving more inspiration I’ve rounded up my favorite holiday patios from our blog. You’re going to love these too.



We’ve shared our friend Stephanie’s home decorated for Christmas twice and every time we went over there I’m so inspired by her creativity and hospitality. One year she created a mini tree farm next to her potting shed. On the backside of the potting shed, she has a fireplace where she set up a mini smores bar. All around the patio she had tables set perfectly for entertaining.

You can find Stephanie on Instagram here. We featured her home here and here for Christmas and then you can see her everyday home tour here. There is so much inspiration in this home so you’ll want to take a pit stop at all these links.


Our friend Monika’s home is a true dream for Christmas. The exterior of her home is painted the perfect red making her patio the best place to be for the holidays. She has a table set on the patio ready to serve her family. Directly behind it you see her outdoor fireplace with a vintage “No Vacancy” sign over it. She flips the light on when all the family is over show the rooms are full with all her favorite people. Monika has thoughtful touches like that all over her home.

She also has a porch swing with Christmas pillows just like mom’s. This is our most used piece of outdoor furniture and I bet Monika’s gets tons of use as well.

You can find Monika on Instagram here. We have a nighttime home tour of her house here and tons of amazing photos of her home here. You’re going to love it!


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