Our Guide to Junkin’ in Canton, TX

Last month we shared our last tips on Junking and shopping for vintage goods. This month we’re sharing our favorite place to shop vintage and find treasures: Canton, TX. This is Canton weekend and so it’s the perfect time to share!


In the 1850’s the circuit judge visited Canton’s town square on the first Monday of each month and locals would visit to buy and sell goods and sit in on court proceedings. By the mid 1960s, the popular market outgrew downtown and the city purchased six acres two blocks north to move “First Monday” off the square. Today the market is a giant outdoor flea market that also includes dozens of arbors hawking commercial goods, food and more.


West Gate Entrance – $5 parking

They have a tractor-pulled shuttle to take you from your car to all of the glorious junk (and the nearest bathroom).  The drivers always carry paper maps you can ask for if you need help navigating.


I actually leave the junk section to eat. I go to the main food court in The Arbors. There are so many options to fuel me for the rest of the day! I really like to get a big, greasy burger and tornado taters (I kinda like to eat). I usually bring a small cooler with water and Gatorade so I don’t have to buy them. Typically, I plan on spending around $15 on food because after all, it’s about the whole experience right?!


To me, the best ones out there in the junk are the vendors who are not branded and don’t have a social media, but they will have genuine conversations with you, give you killer deals and be someone you want to go see each month. My favorite vendors are a very unique group of people. They are all spread out and each offers something different. Like I said, they are just nice people and even if I don’t purchase, they make my trip worth it. So, find those people you like, show your appreciation by visiting them each time you come and bring photos of your work with their items.


Crowds are smallest on Thursdays and I prefer to go early when they open, around 8 am. Sunday mornings are also a good time because vendors do not want to take all of their pieces home so you can usually negotiate a pretty good deal. I know some people are not early-risers, but I love walking onto the grounds and it still being quiet and calm for a bit before the sun comes out and all of the people show up. (I then go on to stay all day, but you can adjust the time for your needs)


  • Your Wagon – This is a life-saver! I can put all of my belongings in it and then fill it up without a bunch of trips back to the car
  • Cash – Most of the Vendors I visit do not take cards so I always go to the bank and get cash beforehand. Or, you can use the ATM when you get there, but you’ll be charged. (I also try to stick to smaller bills to make it easier for the vendors)
  • Measuring Tape – This will help if you are looking for a piece of furniture or an item for a specific space. (It helps if you have measured the space at home so you know exactly what you can get away with)
  • Small Cooler – Especially in the warmer months, this is a MUST. I always take waters and sometimes a few little snacks. It saves you money and keeps you fueled throughout your shopping day!
  • Your Creative Confidence – This is a big one! I know it’s cheesy, but when you are stepping into such an overwhelming atmosphere, you need to be confident in your decisions and style. It makes for a much smoother day when you arrive ready to go find the best deals for YOU.

I enjoy First Monday in Canton SO much and I hope that this will inspire you to check it out or go to your local flea market looking for the best deals. Have fun with it, always! Happy Junking!

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