How to Create a Basket Wall

Yesterday we revealed baby Quinn’s vintage boho nursery! One of my favorite elements of the room is the basket wall over the crib. This is a trend I’ve been loving for a while. Baskets add so much to a space like color, texture, and warmth. It looks great in any space that you haven’t been able to find that perfect wall decor for! Below are all my tips for hanging your own basket wall and more inspiration if you’re hunting.

Often basket walls are incorporated in boho style, but I’ve seen them modern, farmhouse and even more traditional. Another thing I love about basket walls is how cost effective they are. Some of the baskets I found were less than $1 at garage sales and estate sales.

  1. Thrift Stores & Estate Sales – This is the cheapest, but the most time consuming route. We use the app and visit the local sale almost every week. It’s a great way to end a Friday if you’re like us.
  2. Etsy – Many Etsy creators shop estate sales and curate collections for you!
  3. Olive & Iris – This is a perfect option if you don’t have time to curate or if you get overwhelmed by the idea of hunting them down. They have already curated a perfect selection and you have multiple options. That’s also a great price for all the leg work being done for you.

The most important thing to remember about basket walls is there are NO RULES. They can be colorful or neutral. Close together or spaced apart. Vintage or shopped new. No matter the style here are a few helpful tips that I think will help you create your own.

  1. Gather a selection of baskets. You can find them by shopping your home, estate sales, antique malls and even Target. Choose an odd number; five, seven or nine depending on wall size.
  2. Place your baskets on the ground and shuffle them around until you achieve the look you want. You can overlap them or separate them, but don’t have them floating too far apart from one another. I took a picture of the layout we liked best so we could refer to it while hanging.
  3. Attach the baskets to your wall using small nails. We also tested out the design with sticky tack. I’ve seen it recommended for people to use it to hang the baskets, but I haven’t found that they stay up very long. The smallest nail will hold a basket up perfectly.

I’ve been pinning some of my favorite basket wall inspiration including so many different styles. I love how Jessica from @the_rusticpallet has layered them on top of each other in a “c” shape. This space is a little rustic, a little farmhouse and a little boho. The wood trimmed opening perfectly frames the baskets.


We recently toured Ryan of @TexasForeverFarmhouse and I fell in love with her basket wall in her master bedroom. The baskets flank a blanket ladder in the corner. This is great inspiration for that corner that you’re unsure of what to do with. If you love this inspiration you definitely need to tour Ryan’s entire house here.

Bre’s basket wall in this bedroom is another great corner piece. The baskets are centered around a much larger basket.


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