Elevate Your Home Decor on a Budget: Creating Stunning Gallery Walls with Desenio Prints


Today I’m sharing tips on how to create a stunning gallery wall or art ledge the EASY WAY!

I’m excited to be sharing an update on an expected project we’re currently taking on—the playroom. A couple week’s ago we had to rip out the hardwoods and replace the flooring. I decided to make some BOLD design decisions to make over the room.

When sources inspiration I thought back to our tour with Ginger Curtis when she said, “You can pull off anything with intentional planning and execution.” As I was planning and taking this into consideration I realized how much the details matter.

And what’s one of the most important details? ART!

In this room we did a dark and moody wall color where I create a fun art ledge over a bench which will be our “drop spot.” This is where we enter the home and I’m excited to be greeted by the cutest art from Desenio.

All of my selected choices of prints are from the NEW Lone Fox line. Every single one has the whimsy I want in a playroom while still be sophisticated.


1. Use Desenios Gallery Tool

This tool was SO HANDY. I went back in forth on which prints I wanted and being able to see them all together and envision how it will look is so convenient. Once you make your selections with art, matts and frames you simply select add to cart and you’re done. Making a gallery wall has never been easier!

2. Think in Colors Rather than “themes”

Themes aren’t always a no go but I recently had a friend reach out and ask for help while putting up a gallery wall. Her selections felt kitchy because they all were beach related. We made some swaps to make it have a consistent color scheme and it looked so much more sophisticated and had room to build into an even large gallery.

Desenio does great job with their preselected gallery walls! They look cohesive but not too much of a theme!

3. Have a Variety in Sizes

This actually was my biggest challenge when creating my art ledge. My best tip is select the largest art print first. I love the floral most so I started there and made sure to have a minimum of 2 other sizes to add interest.

I actually have tons of inspiration that I love that has gallery walls where the art is all the same size, specially family prints BUT if you’re looking for a more elevated eclectic mix a gallery wall with many sizes makes so much impact!

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Let Someone Create the Collection for You

Desenio has preselected collections making is so easy! They have categories including black and white, photo art, nature, illustrations, botanicals and MORE. You can shop by categories or select by room. I scroll through them all and here are a few of my favorites!

5. Switch Things Up Seasonally

I love to change art as the seasons change. You don’t have to swap every piece of art in your home, but changing one or two pieces in a gallery can make a HUGE difference creating the cozy feeling we all want as the seasons change. This is why I love Desenio’s affordable prices!

For the gallery in the playroom I could add a plaid print as the holiday’s roll in or maybe some warmer colors for the fall. It’s really easy to switch. You could even keep the seasonal prints in the frames behind the original prints when the holidays are through.

I hope you love the prints as much as I do! If you want to shop Desenio‘s amazing selection use my discount code FARMHOUSELIVING for 45% off prints and 10% off frames.

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