Biggest Home Design Mistakes We’ve Made and Trends We Regret

Today we’re sharing our biggest design regrets and mistakes! Let me start by saying although we now look back and think “What were we thinking?!” when we review these design decisions, we are very proud that we were true to ourselves. It might have been a little off the wall, but at the time it was something we loved. The biggest regret you’ll have in creating home is not being true to yourself. Our goal is to inspire you to be confident within your own style, as well as laugh out ourselves and what we’ve done in the past. It only means we’re getting better and growing my friends 😂


The 90’s my mom (Michelle) was BOLD. She chose pastel southwest print couches—two of them with MATCHING curtains…Like the exact same bold fabric on couches as on the curtains. The backdrop for the couch was a pepto bismol pink wall in the kitchen. Thankfully I don’t have to take the fall for this design mistake since I was only a toddler!

Looking back at these photos has us wondering what we’ll look back on today and ask ourselves “What were we thinking?!” The one thing I love about my mom’s style in the 90’s is that she fully committed. If you love something then go for it my friends! New couches can be bought and painting walls can happen over the weekend. With every regret there is a lesson!

This photo shows that fiddle leaf figs will always be cool!


Design trends come and go. From faux finish walls and tuscan accents to lava lamps and waterbeds, we have all fallen victim to a trend. It’s so hard to predict what we will regret in the future. The farmhouse white and natural tones feel like they will never go out of style, but I’m sure they felt the same way in the 90’s…In our video mom mentions that she thinks we’ll regret doing “too much white” specifically white quartz countertops. Usually, I would be the one defending all white everything, but I agree with her on this one after having flat white quartz in my new kitchen for two weeks and I’m constantly wiping them down. I don’t think we’ll shift from all white because it’s not pretty, but because it’s a challenge to keep clean. Hopefully it won’t make us cringe as much as other previous design trends of the past.

Other trends I think we (might) regret:

  • Open Shelving (I hope not)
  • Graphic Tiling
  • Layered Rugs
  • Dare I say it…Shiplap


THE HAND CARVED BIRD! My mom has this hand carved bird they bought on a trip in Jamaica to put in her jungle themed guest room. Yes, jungle themed with monkeys, green walls, palm fan blades…Because it was such a hassle to bring back to home from out of the country, my mom refused to get rid of him. Since she decided she’s most likely going to stuff him in the garage or the attic, I decided to create a design board and incorporate him…She decided she loves it 😂I really hope to blog about our boho design incorporating this 20 year old hand carved bird.

Share your biggest design regrets in the comments (especially if there is a lesson to be learned). Don’t make me feel alone here. If we are going to make mistakes let’s all make them together and learn from them.


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