Farmhouse Living Guide to Round Top

Established in 1968, the Round Top Antique Fair has evolved into one of the largest and most popular antique shows in the nation. Antique lovers travel far and wide to this charming Texas town hoping to find pieces with an interesting story. Each Fall and Spring the Farmhouse Living ladies road trip to Round Top to treasure hunt for unique items for our store. We wanted to share with you tips on how to best navigate through Round Top and make your trip fun, easy and productive!

  • Royers is the iconic Round Top restaurant famous for their pies. It’s teeny, always packed, and they are only open for dinner. Go in and get a reservation before you do any shopping. 
  • Los Patrones 
  • Negotiate. Nothing is labeled. Be prepared to ask, chat, and then discuss price. I’m terrible at negotiating price, but this is part of the experience!
  • With cash and checks. Yes, it might be 2018 but very few vendors take cards!
  • Wear comfortable shoes, lightweight/comfy clothing, bring sunscreen, and a light rain jacket and rain boots. 
  • Bring water bottles and snacks…The gas stations are closed on Sundays and close at 5pm on the week days so you’ll have access to very little unless you drive a bit. 
  • Bring a tape measure.
  • I find that we have success when we have a list of potential places for vintage pieces and come prepared with measurements. 

Let us know if there are any Round Top tips we’ve missed! We’d love to hear any others.

Happy Shopping!

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