Blush & Coral Boho Little Girls Bedroom

Our sweet Quinn is only four months, but my mom (Honey to Quinn) got a little excited and turned one of her spare rooms into a room for Quinn to play in. Honey keeps calling it Quinn’s “big girl” room. While I’m not quite ready for my little to be able to use this space, I am loving how this boho space turned out.


If you’re on Instagram & Pinterest you’ve seen the pink design trend. Blushes, corals, and pinky hues have been popular not only in nurseries but in everyday spaces. We were in a wild mood one Saturday morning and decided to paint the ceiling pink in Quinn’s “big girl” room. It was mom’s crazy idea, but then we saw it done by many others on Pinterest and were especially inspired by the office with the pink ceiling in the HGTV’s Urban Oasis Home. I also loved this room before and after on Apartment Therapy. A little pop of color on the ceiling can totally transform a room!

We went hunting for a color that was pink with soft golden undertones—a pink that flows right into a coral and mixes well with mustards and oranges. We took a vote on Instagram on which color we should chose and then chose the one that actually had the least votes because it was the color our gut said to go with. We promise we care about your opinion, but I think the example photo of this color might have not have done it justice to take a vote. The color we chose is Mellow Coral by Sherwin Williams. You can see a few of the other colors we were choosing from below. Most of these colors were found using our ColorReader tool. I thought painting the ceiling would take a long time but it took us an hour. Taping was really the worst part.

Vintage accents go so well with boho elements. Mom was excited to find this vintage trunk from The Rustic Warehouse, our favorite local vendor mall, to use to store dress up clothes and toys! It looks so cute layered with the fur throw.

Something that completes any space is a mix of textures. Mixing the cane chandelier with the coral macrame and throw blanket on the bed added a playful layer that this room needed. The macrame is from the talented KnotSoDope. She’s local to me, but you can find all her pieces on Etsy if you’re not in the area.

I hope you’re inspired to make a bold color choice in your home! This was such a fun room for us to decorate. You can also watch a video tour below and check out Quinn’s nursery at my home as well. We also share a statement wall in that room using Wallpaper. We love hearing from you so make sure you leave a comment below.

📷Photos by our amazing staff photographer: Charlee Tabor Photography


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  1. Beautiful! We have been thinking of using Mellow Coral as an accent wall in my daughter’s room. What paint brand/color are your white walks? Tgank you!

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