We’re so excited you’re joining us for our Live Design Chats. We’ll create a design for a room that’s giving you a little trouble and share the design live on our YouTube channel with links to create a space you love!

Let us know if you have any questions!


You can gravitate towards multiple styles. I know I do! Examples: Farmhouse, Light and Airy, Rustic, Boho, Traditional, Modern.

This could be sentimental pieces or things you just gravitated towards at Target. Examples of this could be a dresser that you have that needs a coat of paint and some new hardware. There are so many fun ways to incorporate old pieces into a new design. I will have you upload some photos of these pieces to your Pinterest Board. They don’t need to be fancy photos!

Do you love pops of colors? More neutrals? Different schemes for different spaces? If you aren’t sure we can find this out during the inspiration phase. Your answer here is not a permanent decision so do not stress!

We will use a Pinterest board together to find inspiration. If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest we will give you a guide on getting started. I can also find your account with the email you used to set up your account. This is the fun part.